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Night Fox Entertainment Launches $50 Million Venture To Co-Finance and Co-Produce Feature Films

Nightfox-300x104Serial entrepreneur and entertainment industry veteran Timothy L. Christian announces the launch of NIGHT FOX ENTERTAINMENT – a new feature film finance and production company . The Beverly Hills-based company also has an office in Omaha, NE.Night Fox Entertainment has been created to co-finance, develop, acquire and produce live action motion pictures across a variety of platforms. NFE also invests in outside projects involving A-list talent as well as up-and-coming actors, directors, writers and producers. The new entity will use the $50 million for overhead and co-financing activities with its strategic partners – major studios such as Lionsgate, Sony and Relativity Media.Working with producers, talent agencies and foreign sales companies, Night Fox Entertainment will co-finance and co-produce up to 10 feature films annually with A-list talent and will arrange equity financing, gap financing and other debt solutions for the titles.NFE founder Christian is a successful, seasoned entrepreneur and has made significant contributions to several organizations including, The MixCast Network and WiSe Technologies. Christian has raised in excess of $200 million in investment capital for various technology and media companies. He is also the founder of OmniMedia Worldwide Ventures, a holding company for media and entertainment related businesses.”If you’re a rich person or a private company looking to invest and you go to the bank, you’ll get 3 percent interest or less,” Christian said. “If you are a debt investor in the independent film business, you’ll get 15 percent back. And if you’re an equity player, you’ll get 20 percent.”Christian has appointed several senior executives at Night Fox Entertainment to include: Ulysses Curry, COO/CFO who brings with him over thirty years of experience in financial services and business management; Rab Butler, Executive Vice President; Jerry Wolff, CCO with more than three decades of experience with branding, strategic marketing and public relations; and Nicole Gurnon, Operations Director.Additionally, Christian has established relationships with several film industry veterans that serve as advisors from companies like Anchor Bay Entertainment, Original Film, Mandalay Entertainment and Goldcrest Films. The massive experience of senior management and advisors is extraordinary, ensuring Night Fox Entertainment’s long-term success.



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