Newt Gingrich Podcast Family Grows Under New iHeartMedia Partnership


Building on the successful launch of the “Newt’s World” podcast, Gingrich 360 will co-produce several new podcast series with iHeartMedia for the next generation of conservatives with four new shows set to join the iHeartPodcast Network this year. The first podcast to launch through the new partnership is “Rob Smith Is Problematic,” a weekly podcast available now featuring America’s favorite gay, Black, conservative Veteran. Posting each Tuesday, Smith and his guests will tackle topics and offer unique perspectives you won’t find elsewhere.

The entire slate will focus on finding and cultivating voices and personalities that expand the audience for conservative values with content that informs, entertains and empowers people. Specifically, the shows will feature smart, entertaining personalities who connect with under-represented voices.

“I enjoy the personal connection and immediacy of podcasting,” said former US House Speaker and Gingrich 360 Chairman Newt Gingrich. “I am excited to expand the Gingrich 360 brand with iHeart to develop and produce series with millennial, African American, Hispanic, and Gen Z voices. They will help define and lead the next generation of Americans as we overcome challenges and find new opportunities.”

This September, the slate will also debut “Outloud With Gianno Caldwell.” The second podcast in the lineup will share the life lessons Caldwell learned while being raised on the south side of Chicago and inspire listeners to be the victor, not the victim in their own life.

Established podcast, “Newt’s World,”hosted byprofessor, historian, futurist and former Speaker of the US Houseof RepresentativesNewt Gingrich, will also join the iHeartPodcast Network and anchor the upcoming slate. “Newt’s World” has grown to more than six million listens in a short period of time. With three new episodes a week, Newtshares his lifetime of knowledge and access to the world’s most interesting minds. From history to health, and national security to science, “Newt’s World,” offers stories, conversations and context from the past, present, and future to uncover new perspectives, knowledge and insight.

The partnership will also include the option to extend the content to other platforms such as TV or film as spin offs to the podcast series.

“We are passionate about finding authentic talent and building connections with the audience,” said Gingrich 360 President and CEO Debbie Adler Myers. “Taking these brands to other platforms through the iHeart marketing machine to help expand audiences is a targeted way to get these important voices heard.”


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