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New Rules: Prince Latest Iconic Artist to Do It His Way

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I’m loving this era of the music industry because it allows artists to do what we want. Of course the downside of it is that everybody thinks they can rap, sing, etc. and put out absolute garbage but the upside is that artists like Prince have even embraced this new culture. The music industry’s new rules are that there are no rules. You can pretty much do what you want.Today Prince simply tweeted this below.Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 5.00.07 PMIt was simply a free download of a new song called, “The Sweeter She Is.” I guess he wanted the public to have. It is actually a live recording of the song almost as if he wanted the public to enjoy a personal moment he had in his studio. With new artists and iconic artists making their own rules, how will the industry respond? That may be a rhetorical question or maybe not.

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