NEILSEN: More than 90% of African Americans Listen to Radio Each Week…


Digital and Radio Facts: Car_dashboard_with_MEX-BT2500_head_unit_and_BCT-15_radio_scanner_installed_and_illuminated

Radio is a constant in our daily lives and the average American radio listener tunes in to radio over two hours per day. Interestingly, audio reaches a plateau in the morning hours, peaking around noon and then staying fairly constant through the day before tapering off as people start their evening. In addition we know that people who listen to a lot of radio also spend time with online radio, most prevalently the millennials. Morning commutes, listening “on the go” during the day as well as the much-anticipated evening commute, create the daily view of time spent one might expect. In fact we see that between the morning hours and early evening hours, roughly two-thirds of audio listening comes from out-of-home tuning. The hyper local nature of audio offers advertisers community-level engagement between content and in-store activity – radio catches you right before you shop and make purchase decisions. As we continue to take a close look at the similarities and differences between radio listeners, digital consumers and television viewers we keep building to that total view of daily media consumption. Is the composition of the audio audience more like the online and mobile audience or more like the traditional television viewer? For years, we’ve shared insights into the expanding pie of media consumption. Radio listeners prove that there are always more ways to reach and inform motivated customers and more than one way to slice that data… see the entire report here> The-Cross-Platform-Report-A-Look-Across-Media-3Q2013 <

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