Man Kills Wife in front of Young Children, Child Calls Police (video)


    A man named Gregory Smith III stabbed, stomped, and brutally murdered his wife in front of their young children; then, he escaped in a Dodge Durango.

    The oldest child, who is 10, called the police. Neighbors were shocked to wake to flashing police cars and fire truck lights early in the morning. The other child is an infant.

    The woman, 37-year-old Christina Garcia, was killed by her husband, and he is on the run.

    Neighbors have had dangerous encounters with Smith in the past when they tried to return his dog, who was running around the neighborhood. They state Smith opened the door with an AK-47.

    Authorities state the kids will forever be traumatized by the incident and they are trying to locate the next of kin to take custody of them


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