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KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Keith Sweat, Death of the Urban Radio DJ, Charlamagne, Chingy, Susan Boyle, CHR Radio, Teddy Riley

I can’t believe another week has come and gone and it’s the last week and last day of 2009. What does 2010 have to offer? I came across a video of Chingy talking about Charlamagne Tha God last night and I immediately realized urban radio Radio DJs are rarely, if ever, respected for the most part. It’s not wonder the collective self-esteem of this radio sector often remains stagnant and frustrated.

Chingy was pissed about an interview that Charlamagne Tha God did last year when he visited the Wendy Williams radio show at WBLS in NY. Charlamagne Tha God lit into Chingy tellling him how much he disliked his CD (which did flop) and Chingy laughed off the verbal attack. In this video, made at a later date, Chingy came back and said “I don’t like that nigga Charlamagne Tha God, he probably makes $40,000 a year, if that, and I can make $40,000 a day.”

Outside of the beef I like both Charlamagne Tha God and Chingy as industry people but Chingy’s statement stuck with me. Mostly because it’s true. The plight of the urban Radio DJ is a long and winding road which often leads to a 20-year drive (in a beat up ass car) to nowhere. Especially now with companies like Radio One lagging so severely behind in technology and current trends that it’s almost embarrassing.

Radio One, in all fairness is not alone, Clear Channel and most other radio corporations are now looked at as terrestrial, as in dated, too. It’s a great thing that current phone technology is allowing radio apps in on the growing trend but how long will that last if radio continues as it is? As far as urban, today’s concept of it is ironic because what corporations believe builds it is also tearing it down.

That inlcudes playlists the length of my index finger and an extreme over saturation of syndicated shows like Tom Joyner , Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden and more. Urban radio is not “fun” anymore and when it’s not fun that translates over the airwaves from programming to the Radio DJs who are struggling to make sense of why so many old ass people (“old” as in thinking”} are heading the radio corporations and even the industry.

Let me address something here that needs to be addressed too. Jealous PDs. Yes they do exist in urban radio and other formats as well. If you saw the Howard Stern movie, his first PD was jealous and is exactly the type I’m talking about. He’s the PD that stunts the growth of the Radio DJs because he’s a loser as a Radio DJ himself and he never got the Radio DJ concept down pat.

I know Jealous PDs exist because I had one in Los Angeles. If you are jealous of your talent and you think your job is to make their lives miserable see a fucking therapist you loony bastard.  Do us all a favor and quit the fucking business. Nobody wants to deal with that negative, bitter shit and the fact that you are pissed because you missed your calling or because you hate working for Cathy Hughes or Clear Channel.

Trust me, there are PLENTY of qualified people in line who can do the job 20 times better than you can. I’m willing to BET everyone reading this has run into a PD like this at one point in their career.

Keith Sweat, I have heard from many PDs has had no problem calling them DIRECT and asking them to add his show. I have never heard the Keith Sweat show, I have yet to hear one person say it’s a great show.  Keith doesn’t owe radio shit… or does he? It was the urban Radio DJs who built his career in the 80s, endlessly playing his hits and embracing him as a premiere urban act who always sounded like he was going to blow a fuse in his neck.

Now he takes our jobs? Keith is trying to survive and put food in his kids’ mouths just like anyone else but this comedian, singer, showbiz conversion of can’t find a job to extremely well-paid radio Radio DJ shit is repulsive.

ESPECIALLY for those urban Radio DJs who have spent YEARS working for the pimps and madams as the hos (mom and pops) who sucked the blood out of their self esteem and worth early on making urban Radio DJs believe that nobody else (CHR Stations) was going to hire them so they should be glad to have a job and get a check that may (or may not) cash.

To all the former black Mom and Pops who instilled this in urban Radio DJs early on I have two words for you direct and with the greatest respect for the urban Radio DJ who is struggling to make it in today’s dying and mostly antiquated urban radio concepts…  FUCK YOU!  That’s direct from Kevin Ross, you greedy, dehydrated ass motha fuckas, that’s why many of you don’t have shit today. 

The people who deserve to be honored in urban radio are the ones who work in the trenches and drive the beat up cars and struggle to make ends meet while Grandpoppa Radio DJ (Tom Joyner ) and The Promo Ho (Steve Harvey) suck the industry dry for what is rightfully YOURS. In 2010, my goal is to motivate Radio DJs to take their careers to the next level with or without urban radio and I’m going to make an attempt to rebuild our collective self esteem in several ways.

Susan Boyle is still the quintessential example of a dream realized against all odds. 5 weeks at Number 1, where this woman got the courage to get on that stage and sing is not as amazing as the result of putting herself out there. Urban radio Radio DJs should follow that concept, understand and KNOW urban radio is NOT going to make you rich… and you are not young (or even old) for long.

Teddy Riley whipped his daughter’s ass or threatened her with a Guitar Hero guitar? Apparently she doesn’t like his girlfriend who is about the same age as she is (18). Who gives a shit.

Have a GREAT 2010!

Kev Ross

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lewis January 2, 2010 at 3:13 pm

Man, Kevin you are right on it about Kieth Sweat. I heard him and couldnt believe how bad he was.
It shows you that something is really wrong here.
How does Kieth Sweat get probally the best, most high profile evening position in the country?
You know when you hear a bad, odd sounding record on the air on a station, it has to be one of two things. either the music director doesnt know music or he took some money to play it.(Think on that)
I ran across clip form CHR morning guy Kid Kraddick who heard Kieth Sweat and goofed on how bad he was.


Now how many jocks in the number one market are made fun of because they are so bad on the air?

Also where are the Kieth Sweat Numbers. No one has seen them.

Hes claiming to be the number one syndicated quiet storm jock on that other lame web site Urban in site.

That web site is ran by a real sucka consultant who thinks he can sway public opinion by souping up his consulting interest and not allowing any forum to challange the bullshitz he puts on his site.

But back to Kieth Sweat. Where is his numbers?

WBLS should be ashamed. They have a history of having the best jocks in the country. Kieth Sweat is no Vaughn Harper, not even close, not in the same universe.
Frankie Crocker rolling over in his grave.

rosie January 3, 2010 at 1:27 pm

Keith Sweat is bad,but so was this skit done by Kid Kraddick,stinking up the airwaves!!!!


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