Kanye Says "Honestly, at this point when I listen to radio, that ain't where I wanna be anymore."


Radio Facts: Kanye West goes on a lightweight rant against the industry as he debuted a few new songs from his upcoming “Yeezus” album at the Governor’s Ball in NYC.  He specifically says, “Honestly, at this point when I listen to radio, that ain’t where I wanna be anymore.” Kanye did something similar years ago when he released the song “Jesus Walks,” but instead of a rant, he simply put his clever statement in the song when he said, “If I talk about Jesus my record want get played.” Is this reverse psychology to get spins on his upcoming album even though he isn’t releasing any singles to radio or is Kanye really just fed up with the industry and the business of radio? What do you think?https://youtu.be/XCqq0vGSuL4