Snoop Talks to Brandi Cyrus about 2014 Expectations at SXSW


As Snoop Dogg walked on camera to talk to Fuse News at SXSW 2014, he immediately did a double take: “Why you look like Miley Cyrus?” he asked Fuse News correspondent Brandi Cyrus. Cyrus answered the only way she could: “Because she’s my little sister.””You look like a Miley—well, Miley look like you,” Snoop said, correcting himself mid-sentence. “Because you is the big sister, you’re the one who started this thing.” “This thing,” as Snoop then demonstrates, is twerking, which is an opinion that might be in dispute.After a quick laugh, the two sat down to hear what Snoop will be up to in 2014.