Joe Budden Talks to Isaiah Rashad about Leaked Gay Sex Tape, Suicidal Thoughts, and More


I just got through watching the Joe Budden Isaiah Rashad interview. I had heard about it a few days ago and decided to watch a couple of minutes initially but I ended up watching the whole thing.

Isaiah was caught up in a gay sex tape incident where he was with a couple of guys having oral sex. He admits the release of the tape was a betrayal of someone he knew and that he was in a very dark place after it came out and that his grandfather even had a stroke and died a day after talking to him about the video. He is not sure if that is a result of the video’s release and he questions that.

isaiah rashad, joe budden
Joe Budden and rapper Isaiah Rashad

It appears Rashad has learned a lot from the situation. Kind of reminds me of several decades ago when the world was a very different place and Vanessa Williams was caught up in the scandal when this type of thing was absolutely taboo and a complete career killer. You have a choice to either survive and thrive or die while he admits he was very depressed about the situation and in a dark place for several days he seems to have come through it all.

It was great to see two black men have a conversation on various topics who are not limited thinkers or who think the world revolves around their thoughts and/or ill-proven processes. To that end, we rarely know anything until we ask (the right people) and can do ourselves a favor by admitting that. The interview is about everything from the fluidity of sexuality to therapy mental health and family.

Rashad seems wise beyond his 30 years. Of course, extreme circumstances like this make us grow up fast too but he talks about now having to monitor who he surrounds himself with and to be adherent to making sure his young children are always OK. These are the most important things to him.

Joe Budden delivers a great interview that comes across as very compassionate, knowledgeable, and supportive, and he doesn’t care what you think about him. Most importantly, what he doesn’t know he asks. Some of the interviews between podcasters and celebrities don’t often offer great chemistry but this one shines.

Over the years Joe has gotten better and better with his interviews as well as building his brands. He is a successful entrepreneur who knows his value and how to use it. And I can appreciate that. I always look at the business side of things first so I won’t give you a lot more detail about the content of the interview except to say it is very well done and you can watch it below. Comment if you like.


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