Jay Z Goes at YouTube, Spotify, and Society the Best Way He Knows How


jayztidalIt’s getting real with these streaming wars. Whether it’s ASCAP and BMI going at Pandora, Spotify anchoring itself to stay competitive with the soon-to-be released Apple Music, or the general masses offering their varied opinions on TIDAL, the streaming “streets’ aren’t safe any more for those that can’t handle the mudslinging.During Jay Z’s B-sides performance that was streamed live for TIDAL members only he delivers a freestyle that goes at Spotify and society in the best he knows how. Some believe Jay Z’s freestyle was epic and speaks volumes about society and how we treat business owners of color while others believe this was Jay Z’s ploy to get more people to buy into TIDAL.Check out the video below to see what was on Hov’s mind.https://youtu.be/MM90KReWdqA

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