I’ll Have the Leverage with a Side of Options, Please


    Right now, we are witnessing the power of leverage, and it’s happening right before our eyes. But the authority has switched sides.

    Now it’s in the hands of the worker instead of the corporation. The corporation that paid them paltry wages had them work crappy hours that kept them from having a stable personal life and promotions that often came many years too late.

    While I’m specifically speaking more about black workers, other minorities were also forced into the corner with these corporate advantages.

    Imagine spending all that money for research to determine how to psychologically inhibit an employee’s mind from having the economy become karma and make YOU the employee instead of the employer?

    Fast-food chains are in dire need of workers as you read this. But it wasn’t always that way. Before, workers were in dire need of fast-food chains. Still, Because of the economy, the workers, who refuse to work, now have options, and the fast-food chains are in dire need and raising prices to feed us processed food loaded with sodium while offering employees the moon to help them kill us (the irony).

    You can have everything from car drawings to full college tuition paid by your employer now when the last thing they wanted you to do was to go to college before, but it’s too late. Why? Because The workers now have the leverage.

    Mentally ill people are not as helpless as people often think. They are often brilliant master manipulators at making you think they are listening to your advice when their only power and goal lies in draining YOUR mental resources so that you are depleted.

    More than anything, They often want what they often lack the most of, power and control.

    Eventually, the family or friends give up and let the mentally ill person win, but the sacrifice can often damage our compassionate ability and self-worth.

    There are times when people don’t want help. They want attention. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize. People have to have the desire and willingness to change.

    But this is also what leverage is; when people don’t want help, just the attention, the ball lies in their court because they have something that we need or want, but they don’t need us.

    When you come to the table with leverage, you can walk away with the entire table instead of just having a seat.

    Options are always more beneficial than desperation.

    So how does one get leverage? First and foremost, always ask for more than you need so that you never lack. When we ask for more, we get more even if only one person says yes; we have a starting point and more than we need.

    Many of us don’t even know what we need and think that paying bills and getting a car loan is sufficient.

    When we understand our actual value, we realize that we not only need more but DESERVE more.

    A good friend of mine used to say Black people tend to ask for just enough instead of more than what we need.

    Magic Johnson said it takes just as much time to ask for $1 million as it does for $1000. He was right.

    Time is not on our side, and it’s all we have when it comes down to it, so why not make the most of it.

    Ask for MORE than you need and get what you WANT. Get used to doing that, and you will eventually be in a more significant position of power and have greater leverage.

    So I’m going to order the leverage with a side of Options. What are you having?


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