Georgetown Councilman Wins Race for Mayor Beats Local DJ by Landslide Victory


Georgetown councilman will take the reigns of mayor following a land slide victory in Saturday’s elections.

Councilman Brian Pettyjohn defeated local radio DJ Matthew Walsh by a vote of 430 to 25. Pettyjohn is finishing his first, two-year term on the town council. His family has deep roots in Georgetown. Walsh is a morning radio DJ on WZBH-FM, 93.5 The Beach.
Pettyjohn will replace Mayor Eddie Lambden, who did not run for reelection.
Earlier this week, Walsh acknowledged Pettyjohn would be a difficult cand idate to defeat given Pettyjohn’s family ties to Georgetown. Even if he didn’t win, Walsh said he wanted to inspire “regular people” to run for public office.
In the race for fourth ward council seat, cand idate Anna Besche-Martin defeated Chester Johnson by a vote of 258 to 184.
A total of 456 votes were cast  in a town with  837 registered voters, pegging voter turnout at 55 percent, Georgetown Town Manager Gene Dvornick said.


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