Fayetteville State University Students Earn Truist Emerging Leaders Certification

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Twenty-five undergraduate and graduate students fromFayetteville State University (FSU) became the newest Truist Emerging Leadersfrom the Broadwell College of Business & Economics. These scholarscompleted two half-days of virtual training to earn Truist Emerging LeadersCertifications. They join the ranks of approximately 10,000 undergraduate andgraduate students who hold this credential. Once earned, students can add theEmerging Leaders Certification to their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Truistvalues this in-kind corporate gift of training at $12,000 per delivery, andFayetteville State University is one of Truist Leadership Institute’suniversity partners where this certification training is offered.

TheTruist Emerging Leaders Certification (ELC) program is a highly interactivecertification program for college and university students, which focuses onself-awareness to lead others more effectively. Students learn about thebeliefs driving their leadership behaviors – both positive and negative – anddevelop a better understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses. Thecurriculum also highlights the relationships between beliefs, motivation,behaviors, and results. After completing the program, students are equippedwith practical tools and strategies to overcome leadership shortcomingsdiscovered during the sessions and become better leaders.

“We’reexcited about the incredible opportunity we have through the Truist EmergingLeaders Certification program to cultivate and empower our next generation ofleaders,” said Brittany Brown, Vice President and Student Leadership Programsmanager for Truist Leadership Institute. “At Truist Leadership Institute, wedon’t settle for the notion of a ‘born leader.’ We believe anyone can developbetter leadership skills with commitment and self-awareness.”

Afew more facts about the Truist Emerging Leaders Certification Program:

  • Itwas established in 2014 to share with undergraduate and graduate studentswithin Truist’s 15-state retail footprint some of the same unique leadershipdevelopment methods developed at Truist Leadership Institute (TLI) for Truistteammates, corporate executives, and business owners.
  • Theoverall goal is to expand the learning experiences of the next generation ofbusiness leaders and create greater awareness of effective leadership concepts.
  • Itis offered at no cost to the school or student. Truist Leadership Institutefunds this leadership program primarily from our for-profit programs withcorporate executives and business owners.
  • Since2014, over 70 college and university partners have certified more than 10,000students in the program.

Studentscompleting the program include:

Khaffak Ansari Rayawna Hardy Shanessity Moore
Amanda Bremer Taylor Holleran Stephanie Mosley
Chasity Brown Algernon Joseph Steven Payne
Britney Bunch Lakeita Wallace Robert Russell
Jessica Calvillo Molina Alicia Leija Shelema Sawyer-Cassidy
Samuel Doyle Eric Lippert Demetrius Scarborough
Shayla Evans-Hollingsworth Marissa McCourt Khalelah Shackleford
Veronica Feliciano Teresa McDonald
Nadeya Gilliam Dulce Mejia  

“I’veseen with my own eyes how powerful these lessons can be for students,” saidJasmine Edmonds, former Student Leadership Senior Fellow at Truist LeadershipInstitute. “They realize to become a truly effective leader you have to firstget a better understanding of who you are. And I’m so proud when students areable to apply what they learn in the course to their own leadership situationsand make positive changes.”

About Fayetteville State University

Fayetteville State University is aconstituent institution of The University of North Carolina System and thesecond-oldest institution of higher education in the state, having been foundedin 1867. FSU is a historically black university offering degrees at thebaccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral levels. With more than 6,700 students,Fayetteville State University is among the most diverse institutions in thenation. To learn more about Fayetteville State University, visit www.uncfsu.edu.

AboutTruist Leadership Institute

Duringthe past half-century, Truist Leadership Institute, and its legacy firm FarrAssociates, has developed and refined approaches to business leadership throughcollaborative work with clients in top companies throughout the United States.Through a unique approach that leverages self-awareness to enable betterbusiness outcomes, the institute empowers corporate executives, businessowners, Truist teammates and educational leaders to be more effective leaders,increase employee retention and improve the bottom line. Beginning with each client’sspecific goals and challenges, the institute’s consultants identify the bestapproaches to address a company’s needs and tailor offerings to individualexecutives, teams or both. Its offerings also include research, educationalprograms and consulting to help develop leaders in the education and nonprofitsectors. Based in Greensboro, N.C., Truist Leadership Institute campus offers aunique experience including immersive spaces for learning, individual guestrooms, a unique “Treehouse” meeting room, dining area and fitness facilitieswithin scenic, lakeside surroundings. More information about Truist LeadershipInstitute can be found at truistleadershipinstitute.com


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