Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Market Place

What is Facebook Market Place?

facebook market place

Facebook Market Place can be explained as a digital community of “buying and selling” where businesses can discover customers as well as sell their commodities locally.

When did Facebook Market Place start?

Facebook launched its very own Market Place in 2016, to allow its users to sell as well as buy goods. Before the Market Place, Facebook groups are what people used to trade, sell or barter. For example, it was common for people to set up groups that can be likened to garage sales for their community. This would therefore give the people in that neighborhood an opportunity to post the things that had to sell as well as to look for whatever it is they wanted. It was of course quite clanky as compared to Facebook Market Place.

Facebook Market Place is especially used by businesses as it gives the business an opportunity to:

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  • Access all their messages from customers fast and easily.
  • Browse all the related transactions regarding their trade.
  • Customize all their product bids.
  • Create beautiful and unique product listings.
  • Use a bunch of images for each listing, with the maximum number being ten.

Facebook Market Place makes use of not only a personalized but also a peer-to-peer approach for the selling that takes place there. In addition to this, the Market Place makes communication between customers and the sellers very quick as well as easy by the use of Messenger. 

How does one login to Facebook Market Place?

Once you have the Facebook app on your phone, logging into Facebook Market Place is a piece of cake. At the bottom of your homepage, there will be the Market Place icon that resembles a storefront. Click on it and you will then be able to browse through the Market Place. You can use your finger to scroll down or up while browsing. You can then tap on any listing that interests you to get more information about it. There will be an option for, “I’m interested” or “make an offer”. You can choose that if at all you want the commodity and it will let the seller know that you are interested. This is great as it removes the need to create an in-depth message to the seller to let them know of their interest.

When it comes to listing your commodities, it is very easy and convenient. This can be attributed to the fact that you simply need to take pictures of whatever items you wish to sell without the need to import them from a drive or transfer them from your computer. The steps to be followed when listing are as followed:

Step 1: In the Market Place, you will click on the icon that asks you what it is you are listing. This will direct you to a menu that has categories for whatever it is you want to list.

Step 2: You will then choose from the options which are usually vehicles for sale, an item for sale, and housing for sale or renting. Jobs are also on the options that can not be navigated by using one’s camera roll.

Step 3: If you had already taken a photo of what you are selling, you can select it. If not, on the left upper corner of your screen, there will be a camera icon. Click for it to open the camera of your phone. Take the pictures

Step 4: After taking the picture, you can edit it to your satisfaction if you feel there is a need to. You then click on the right upper corner where there will be an option of ‘Use’. You will then be redirected back to your camera roll to allow you to select more photos from your existing camera roll. You will then click next and you will be directed to a new page.

Step 5: You will then enter all the information that is related to the product you are listing. From the title, location, price, as well as category. You will also be allowed to add whether you offer shipping or not.

Step 6: You can choose to share the item that you are selling on your profile as well as in any other groups of buying and selling that you may be part of. You can then tap on the post. Just like that, your listing will be added to the Market Place.

The 5 things that sell the most on Facebook Market Place 

  1. Furniture

Although this may sound pretty obvious, a lot of people use Facebook Market Place for selling furniture. This ranges from large furniture items such as couch sets, dining sets, beds, and dressers to small furniture such as side tables, chairs, bookshelves, and even stools.

  1. Shoes, clothing, and accessories

If you are looking for clothing items, Facebook Market Place can be a great place to get yourself some gems. If you are a seller on the other hand, for you to get your items to sell quickly, you should consider ensuring that you keep selling off brands as well as designers that are well known. To create an advantage for yourself, you can even have sales as well as discounts.

  1. Books

Books go fast when it comes to selling on Facebook Market Place. It is also an easy way to get some cash in exchange for books that you are not planning to use again. It is worth noting that books such as the college ones are often more expensive than other fictional ones.

  1. The products that are seasonal

Seasonal products are very popular on the Facebook market. This is often because one can take advantage of the predictable surge in the demand for the said items. One can sell Halloween decorations and costumes, Christmas decorations as well as Christmas-themed items, or even decorations for easter.

Moving away from decorations, other seasonal items one can sell include shovels, barbecues as well as furniture for patios. If you are deliberate about when you post the items, you will get high returns.

  1. Home goods

When it comes to home goods, the key is to stick to the small appliances that have a lot of success in the Market Place. These appliances include small fire pits, air fryers, air conditioning units, bread makers, and fans. If you have fixtures for old lighting, you should also list those up especially as many people love antique interior décor. 

If you are thinking about joining Facebook Market Place, then you should go for it, considering the many advantages that it has to offer.

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