Ebro in the Morning Discusses Jay-Z’s Electrifying Verse in DJ Khaled’s New Song ‘God Did’ (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning discussed Jay-Z’s electrifying new verse on DJ Khaled’s new record “God Did”. “Please, Lord, forgive me for what the stove did. Nobody touched a billi’ until Hov did. How many billionaires can come from Hov crib? I count three me, Ye, and Rih. Bron’s a Rock boy, so four, technically,” said Jay Z.

    The morning show said it is a stretch to say that LeBron James came from Jay-Z’s crib, but the megastar groomed Rihanna and Kanye West. The morning show DJ said Jay-Z has been down with LeBron since the beginning of his career, but he had a problem with Jay-Z using the word “technically.”

    Rosenburg questioned rather Beyoncé was a millionaire or not. The morning shows said it was “crazy” that he did not include Beyoncé in the billionaire club shout-out. Rosenberg continued to critique Jay-Z’s lyrics and was curious to know if Jay-Z was a part of Fenty because of his line” We push Fenty like Fentanyl.” Laura Stylez said perhaps Jay-Z is uplifting Rihanna because she came from his “umbrella.” Rosenburg said Jay-Z was intricate in Rihanna’s success.

    The morning show also discussed the introduction to the song. The radio DJ said the introduction was a Drake song and the rest of the show agreed that was a nice touch.


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