Digital and Radio Facts Removes “URBAN Radio” from the entire site, REPLACES with “BLACK Radio”


So we have no problem with the idea of removing the all-encompassing “Urban” from the industry AND simply REPLACING it with what it is and who we are … “BLACK.”

This is our choice as a black-owned company. We have removed 3234 references to Urban on the site and replaced the term with “Black.” We agree that Urban is vague and not really descriptive of the Black experience and while there is no question that several industry companies are moving AWAY from Black references by eliminating the term (which is actually an insult over a compliment) we are moving closer to it.

Black is not only symbolic of Strength, Beauty, Power, Creativity, Resilience, and Countless Inventions and Contributions … Black is absolutely still Beautiful. We have no problem saying the word BLACK and we hope the industry sees the benefit of our change and follows suit … but we won’t hold our breath (lol).

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