Netflix Review: The Mother (preview)


Over the weekend, I got a chance to watch a movie on Netflix called “The Mother.” The first thing I thought was, what an odd name for a movie. Why not call it something more related to the movie, like “A Mothers Love,” “Coming Home,” or “Full Circle,” but “The Mother” is quite odd and corny.

Moving past that, Jennifer Lopez plays a well-trained military vet and assassin who comes to save her daughter, whom she had to give up at birth for adoption when an assassin is coming after the girl.

Her daughter is 12 years old, and it’s not clear if the assassin is her daughter’s father. Still, the girl is also unaware that Jennifer’s character is her mother until she has to protect her by taking her away from her adoptive parents.

Omari Hardwick plays her partner, who is also a military-trained assassin. He teams up with her to help fight off the bad guys.

Initially, this movie was off to a stagnant start. As a matter of fact, I almost turned it off 15 minutes into it, but it started to pick up the pace around that time.

I kept thinking of the movie “SALT” with Angelina Jolie. It reminded me of that concept, and Angelina, of course, in that role, was very convincing. As I stated, Jennifer took me a minute to associate her with that type of role, but she did come through as the movie progressed, unfortunately not enough for a sequel. There was just something missing, and it felt forced.

There was nothing spectacular about the movie, and it was somewhat predictable, but it was worth a weekend watch. I won’t give away all the details, but lots of action, lots of fires, lots of guns, and lots of action, somewhat of a dark thriller mixed in with an action thriller not much more to report. Let me know what you think. Out of 5 stars, I give this a 3.

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