Chicago Hit and Run During Fight at Bar Kills 3, Injures 1 (video)


    One of Chicago’s longest-running LGBTQ bars on the south side of Chicago, in the South Shore area, was the scene of a severe hit and run at about 5 am Sunday morning. A group of men is seen fighting in the street when a silver sedan can be heard racing up the street and then it runs over 4 men.

    In the graphic video, you can see at least two other men narrowly escape being run over by the car in addition to the 4 men.

    3 of the men went flying through the air and were later pronounced dead on the scene and one managed to escape the full impact of the car. He is in the hospital and his condition is unknown.The driver of the car has not been identified as of yet. WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: See the video of the hit-and-run here.

    The South Shore area of Chicago is referenced as one of the 10 most dangerous areas in the city.

    Population: 47,197

    Violent crimes per 100,000 people – 2,454

    The crime rate in South Shore is 194% higher than the national average. South shore is 13% safer than other cities in Illinois. South Shore is safer than other neighborhoods listed above as a poll conducted in 2019 stated that 47% of people reported that crime was widespread in the area and 60% said that they were terrified to walk alone at night. Based on this, South Shore is fairly safe with a quick response police system. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to be observant of your surroundings, especially at night.


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