Charlamagne Tha God Not Fired from Philly Radio StationBecause of Jay Z/The Real Reason?

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The internet is abuzz with people saying CTG got fired because of Jay Z and an interview with Beanie Sigel last week…for those of us who work in the industry we know it is driven by PPM (radio ratings). The fact that he was terminated before the new PPM came out (tomorrow) would still leave one to speculate. What I can say is this…. the Radio Station IS   in the process of changing management and Charlamagne Tha God’s numbers (PPM ratings) needed a boost but is that the reason he was canned? MAJOR radio sources are telling us it is the best kept secret in the history of the industry and they all say whatever it is Radio One heads are NOT talking. What sources have assured me of,   it is absolutely NOT Jay Z.   The new PPM ratings for his show (before he got fired) will be out tomorrow and we will post.

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