CD Baby And Source3 Partner To Create Customized On-Demand Merchandise For Indie Artists


CD-Baby-Music-LicensingSource3, the platform for licensing and distribution of 3D content, and CD Baby, the leading distributor of independent music, announced today a partnership to develop personalized merchandise for CD Baby’s 400,000+ artists utilizing 3D printing technology and Source3’s licensing platform. The partnership will enable CD Baby artists to produce short runs of personalized merchandise without the substantial upfront financial investment typically required to launch merchandise campaigns. The program is the latest in a series of CD Baby efforts to expand revenue opportunities for artists.”We are always looking for innovative ways to help our artists engage their fans and generate more revenue,” says Tracy Maddux, CEO of CD Baby. “By working with Source3, we can explore unique customizable merchandise for our artist roster. That’s a dream for artists and fans alike.”Because each 3D print begins with a digital file and each digital file can be algorithmically modified prior to printing production, 3D printing enables creators to produce on-demand branded products without having to expend huge advance sums producing inventory that may or may not sell.”Source3’s mission is to deliver the promise of 3D printing to content owners at scale,” says Patrick Sullivan, Co-Founder and CEO of Source3. “Source3 provides artists with access to best-in-class digital merchandise designs as well as the leading and most cost-effective 3D printing manufacturers. We have always believed that independent artists would be early adopters of 3D technology and CD Baby was the obvious partner in reaching such artists.”


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