BBD Visits V103

Bell, Biv and Devoe stopped by V103 in Atlanta, here they take a pic with Morning News Anchor Maria Boynton. The group is currently promoting their new single “Run.”bbd(New York, NY) Multi-platinum group Bell Biv Devoe — Ricky Bell, Mike Bivins and Ron Devoe — are back with “Run,” the Erick Sermon-produced single that captures the BBD sound with hip hop music beats, R&B harmonies and new jack swing. The group also announces the January 27, 2017 release of its anticipated new album, “Three Stripes ≡.”The group’s wildly successful debut album Poison sold 4 million copies and featured 4 classic hits. In addition to the Platinum selling title track, the album featured “Do Me,” “When Will I See You Smile Again,” and “BBD…I Thought It Was Me.”  BBD’s follow up album, “WBBD-Bootcity” (A Remix LP)“ sold over 700,000 units, while the 1993 album Hootie Mack was gold-certified.Presently, Ricky, Mike and Ronnie are stronger today than ever before. Since the early days with New Edition, BBD has sold over 20 million albums worldwide and has won the hearts of millions of fans globally. BET has announced the 2017 premiere of The New Edition Story, a 3-part miniseries chronicling the lives and careers of Bell, Bivins and Devoe and the other New Edition members.  More info on will be announced shortly.BBD’s many accolades include numerous Grammy nominations, three American Music Awards, two Soul Train Awards, countless “Keys to The City,” as well as an abundance of esteemed salutations for their many humanitarian efforts. Most recently, Ricky, Mike and Ron were bestowed (along with Ralph, Bobby & Johnny) with the 2013 Soul Train Music Awards Lifetime Achievement honor. BBD’s extraordinary accomplishments have set them apart from their peers and have cemented them as pioneering icons in their own right. Watch BBD’s “Run” Video Here:

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