Radio Facts: Arbitron PPM Sample Size Metrics Hit New Highs in January 2010
18-34 Demos Surpass Sample Size Benchmarks;
New High for Sample Metric Among Black Persons Aged 18-34;
Compliance and Response Rates Above Company Benchmarks

COLUMBIA, MD; March 1, 2010 – Arbitron, Inc. (NYSE: ARB) announced today that it met or exceeded substantially all of its sample size metrics across the 33 PPM currency markets in the January 2010 Portable People MeterTM (PPMâ„¢) survey. The average Designated Delivery Index (DDI) for Persons aged 6+ was 109 in January and 104 for Persons aged 18-54 across the 33 PPM currency markets.

The company achieved a new high of a 98 DDI for Black Persons aged 18-34 in January*. The January average DDI across the 33 PPM currency markets was 94 for all Persons aged 18-34; 91 among Hispanic persons aged 18-34* and 94 for Other Persons (not Black and not Hispanic) aged 18-34.

*Average among 33 PPM Currency, 19 markets for black, 22 markets for Hispanic and 14 markets for language preference.

Compliance and Response Rates Reach New Highs and Exceed Company Benchmarks
Arbitron reached new highs for average daily in-tab rate in January 2010. The January 2010 average in-tab rate reached a new high of 82 percent for Persons aged 6+ across the 33 PPM currency markets exceeding the Company's benchmark of 75 percent by a significant margin.

The average in-tab rate for the Persons aged 18-34 demos reached new high marks and exceeded the 70 percent Company benchmark. The average in-tab rate was 78 percent for all Persons aged 18-34 in January 2010. For Black Persons aged 18-34 the average in-tab rate was 75 percent and the average in-tab rate was 80 percent for Hispanic Persons aged 18-34.

The 33 PPM currency market average SPI in January 2010 was 22.3 percent. That is a 25 percent increase over the 14-market average from the same month last year (19.7 percent).

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