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2 Artists Claiming Harlem Shake Creator, Baauer Owes Them Money

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harlem shakeHuge success is almost always followed by huge requests or demands. Two artists who say their songs have been used in Baauer’s number one hit “Harlem Shake” are seeking monetary compensation because they are claiming that their vocals have been used without permission.Music artists, Hector Delgado and Jayson Musson are saying their vocals are used in “Harlem Shake,” which has become the insanely viral hit thanks to YouTube videos of people posting their own custom versions of the dance. Even the Miami, Heat and several radio stations have including Hot 97 have gotten in on the action. Delgado’s “Maldades” and “Miller Time” by Musson’s former rap group, Plastic Little, are said to be sampled in “Harlem Shake,” as the song is spending its third week on top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.Delgado and Musson say they never gave Baauer, born Harry Bauer Rodrigues, permission to use their songs. Both are seeking compensation from Mad Decent Records, which put out the single. We will see where this goes but until then, we wonder how many more Harlem Shake videos will pop up because most people seemed to be totally obsessed with this viral sensation.

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