Eddie Murphy Threatens to Sue Comedian Claiming to Be His Son


Digital and Radio Facts: Radio Facts: If you haven’t heard this story, there is a comedian named Brando Murphy that actually does look like he could be Eddie Murphy’s son, but he isn’t. Brando has performed on the “Sons of Comedy” tour and I have personally seen him in comedy clubs around the LA area doing stand up. To be completely honest, not all of his jokes are like Eddie’s but he definitely borrows some of Eddie’s swag. Although I have never heard him say he is Eddie’s son, I have seen him introduced that way and he never corrected the hosting comedian.

With that being said, Eddie has threatened to sue Brando but the young Eddie wannabe is firing back and says he will counter sue Eddie for defamation of character because he has never presented himself as Eddie’s son. Uuuuum, ok, yeah right. Go see his act and tell me what you think.


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