10 Rappers and Singers who are Not Bad Actors

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There are certainly trained actors in Hollywood who are pissed right now. Reality TV is the rage and they also have to compete with rappers and singer who don’t have a lot of experience or the true desire to act. Truth be told, Hollywood is a marketing machine and it’s just like Steve Harvey in radio. Many people didn’t think it was fair that an actor was taking jobs from so many trained pros but while Steve didn’t have the experience as a radio pro, he had a name and it’s the same concept in Hollywood. There are few rappers and singer who make the transition well , as a matter of fact, some efforts have been downright embarrassing, mostly because the rappers must maintain a level of credibility with their fans and perhaps acting is considered selling out or “soft.” Who knows (and who cares). This list is composed of those who make the transition well, you may or may not agree with our choices and you have reason to, many are waiting for that breakout role that will take them out of their comfort zone and it hasn‘t happened yet but these 10 have great potential or they have already arrived. Enjoy.. read by clicking the picture above or clicking HERE for the List.

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