Why Has WRKS Not Taken Tom Joyner yet…? read this


Radio Facts: We’ve learned that Reach Media or TJMS is so eager to get back into the NY market, WRKS, it would seem, would almost HAVE to accept the OUTRAGEOUS offer especially in this industry climate, but grab the nearest seat  for this… we hear RKS is… how can I say this… let’s just say they are not moved by the offer and don’t have a problem hiring someone to do the show… it just has to be the right host.   Supposedly the station is willing to “try” the TJMS show but they want to be able to option out of the contract…Joyner is saying no and the station is keeping its options open to ultimately have a “fresh” and “new” show…

Our sources are telling us the station has gotten a backlash after letting Jeff Foxx go and they want to make sure they make a wise decision in replacing him. We hear they are talking to the less “seasoned” host, comic D.L. Hughley but DL is steadfast about keeping his family in Los Angeles but he would still consider the offer. Is this the beginning of another comedian making plans to do a nationally syndicated show on urban? If so what shift is left? (laugh). In other Tom Joyner news, Steve Harvey went to the Chicago Tribune to state that he had nothing to do with Tom’s show being cancelled in Chicago. We will keep you posted on updates.


  1. Why would RKS remotely consider picking up TJ after he obviously didn’t work out the first time? Even in this financial climate….would it make cents to make such a desperate move?


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