Wanda Smith Rather Harsh on Amanda Davis during Brave Interview, Caller Charges Her


Radio Facts: After just writing the piece about comedians not being “Experienced Broadcasters” comedian Wanda Smith proves my point at V103 in Atlanta. I LOVE V103, it’s one of my favorite Radio Station s in the country along with the whole staff but Wanda was wrong for attacking News Anchor Amanda Davis in the way that she did.
Alcoholism is one of the most severe addictions that there is and addiction is also my course of study. People don’t talk about their additions because of shame and Wanda’s reaction to Amanda’s brave attempt to live her truth is a prime example of why people don’t get help. Durning the interview, Smith states that she was mad at Amanda for not getting help then she goes even further by saying she thought Davis was drunk during a previous on air visit.  As we ALL have our crosses to bear and News Anchors are like everyone else, give the woman some credit.
In the black community we often judge instead of having compassion. None of us know WHAT Davis has been through or WHAT her personal life is like but we know what our own lives are like and while she is great at being an “Experienced Broadcaster” those of us who are “Experienced Broadcasters” KNOW from our own demons that it doesn’t mean being great on the air doesn’t come with personal challenges but it shows that even through the fire we keep going and to come clean about her situation is not only brave and incredibly unselfish it may save a few lives.
I am glad she finally did come forward and I have a great respect for her courage.  Thanks to V103 and KUDOS to the Radio Station and Ryan Cameron and Maria Boynton for having compassion and offering balance for  a fellow broadcaster.  I noticed in the video the caller who corrected Wanda was the only call. It would have been interesting to hear the comments of a couple of others.  I think Wanda makes a great contribution to the morning show and I don’t have a problem with her but this situation is quite unfortunate, see video
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