Wanda Smith Rather Harsh on Amanda Davis during Brave Interview, Caller Charges Her


After just writing the piece about comedians not being “Experienced Broadcasters” comedian Wanda Smith proves my point at V103 in Atlanta. I LOVE V103, it’s one of my favorite Radio Stations in the country along with the whole staff but Wanda was wrong for attacking News Anchor Amanda Davis in the way that she did.
Alcoholism is one of the most severe addictions that there is and addiction is also my course of study. People don’t talk about their additions because of shame and Wanda’s reaction to Amanda’s brave attempt to live her truth is a prime example of why people don’t get help. Durning the interview, Smith states that she was mad at Amanda for not getting help then she goes even further by saying she thought Davis was drunk during a previous on air visit.  As we ALL have our crosses to bear and News Anchors are like everyone else, give the woman some credit.
In the black community we often judge instead of having compassion. None of us know WHAT Davis has been through or WHAT her personal life is like but we know what our own lives are like and while she is great at being an “Experienced Broadcaster” those of us who are “Experienced Broadcasters” KNOW from our own demons that it doesn’t mean being great on the air doesn’t come with personal challenges but it shows that even through the fire we keep going and to come clean about her situation is not only brave and incredibly unselfish it may save a few lives.
I am glad she finally did come forward and I have a great respect for her courage.  Thanks to V103 and KUDOS to the Radio Station and Ryan Cameron and Maria Boynton for having compassion and offering balance for  a fellow broadcaster.  I noticed in the video the caller who corrected Wanda was the only call. It would have been interesting to hear the comments of a couple of others.  I think Wanda makes a great contribution to the morning show and I don’t have a problem with her but this situation is quite unfortunate, see video
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  1. First off you stupidly stated in the Black community we often judge instead of having compassion,other than what your mind tells you what real proof do you have for that idiotic statement?
    Second you did hear the lady say she had 3 dui’s,how many times did she drive drunk and not get popped? After the first she should have figured something was amiss,she is fortunate she didn’t hurt herself or some innocent person.
    But then she said when questioned about her on air demeanor one particular time,she stated something about a bad relationship talk about unprofessional Wanda Smith or the others weren’t tough enough on her trying to be hep self.I hope she gets it together
    People need to learn ,u especially that when it comes to Black folks working for non Black owned companies, no one is staying in their quote lane,you CRYING WHINING about comedians being in radio,comedians at least one BITCHING about a reality star doing comedy,actors complaining about rappers acting,yet you a radio person is now writing and doing real estate,why aren’t you just staying in your lane like you expect others to?Because you are good at more than one thing,you think and are trying to expand your brand.
    I know you will probably not let my comment see the light of day unless you have some ugly comeback but you won’t,talk about being judgemental.your comment about the Black community is likely more about you than us as a whole

    • Your comment is seeing the light of day. I’ve been a real estate agent for 10 years and I am an “Experienced Agent” I went to school, I spent my own money to learn how to be an agent and I worked weekends for more experienced agents showing their properties to potential buyers for no money early on. I have sold and helped buyers purchase property and I wanted to have as many back up careers to radio as I could which is also why I work for myself. I’ve also gone back to school to earn degrees during middle age and I’m about to go back to school again to get another degree.
      I saw 21 years ago where radio was going and I didn’t want to be a middle aged struggling DJ trying to find work while pushing buttons for celebrities who were in the radio game to rebuild their careers and making a ton of money off the back of my hard work.
      I have no problem with anyone being a high achiever ESPECIALLY in the black community. I commend them. To that end, Please note, I am not “crying and whining” about comedians being in radio. I give them credit for rebuilding their careers, all I ask is that they respect the title of “Experienced Broadcaster” and not stake claim on something that they are not.
      Finally, I have a plethora of experiences as a black person that reveal that as a community we DO judge instead of having compassion and we are reactive instead of being proactive on many things. Not all of us but a LOT of us. There are origins for a lot of this that stem from racism or psychological reasons of being judged by our own but we are always in a position to change especially when it comes to helping each other. I work on it daily. Why are you so pissed off? My best.


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