Veteran Musician George Duke Dies


Originally posted on August 6, 2013 20:33:00

Radio Facts: Originally posted August 6, 2013. Radio Facts is sorry to report that vet musician George Duke died last night on August 5.

No word yet on what happened but we will keep you posted. Duke just completed an album and was in the process of promoting it after losing his wife and falling into a depression just a year ago.

Former Supreme's member Sherrie Payne states: “I just received the devastating and sad news that the great musician, George Duke, passed away this evening at St. John's hospital in L.A.  It was just one year earlier, July 18th, that his beloved wife and my friend, Corine, went to be with the Lord. Please keep his sons, Rasheed and John, in your prayers.” UPDATE: Radio Facts talked to one of Duke's closest friends Vic McLean about his life, current state and legacy here.


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