TIDAL, Great Idea at what other Costs?


Radio Facts: screen-shot-2015-03-29-at-11-21-34-pm
Yesterday Jay Z and several other celebs announced a new streaming service (relatively new) called TIDAL. There was an elaborate presentation in New York to bring forth a service that will finally give the artists their financial just do. The service also includes exclusive content and more features for more money at two tiers $9.99 and $19.99 per month the higher rate for higher quality music. The question becomes how does it benefit consumers and are consumers concerned in the least about how much more money artists make? Are they loyal and dedicated enough to want to support artists for more money when they can get the same service cheaper with several other companies like Spotify, Pandora, Google and iTunes?  Critics state that unless the artists can pull their music from other streaming services and make the music exclusive to TIDAL it’s an uphill battle. Had the group stated they were going to donate portions of the proceeds to social issues or certain causes they may not have gotten some of the responses they got on Twitter (see below). Time will tell and we wish the group well.


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