The Steve Harvey Morning Show Asks Why Some Women Are Afraid to Question a Man: “Why Would You be Afraid to Ask Him Anything?” (video)


    A woman wrote into the Steve Harvey Morning Show to say she is thirty years old and has been in four short relationships over the past two years. The woman says that there is bliss at the beginning of her relationship; however, things take a dive because the men could not be monogamous.

    Her recent love interest is a 34-year-old man with no children who has never been married. Recently he was at the strip club and was spotted by a friend of the woman. The friend took a picture of the man getting a lap dance and sent it to her unsuspecting buddy. Upset about the picture, the woman sent a text to the club hopper, who admitted that he was out with his friends but did not confess his exact location.

    Shortly after the incident, the woman said the “nerd” invited her to his house for a “booty call,” She found evidence of other women, such as an eyelash on the bathroom floor and make-up on the pillow. The tipping point came when the letter writer discovered what appeared to be lipstick on her washcloth. She then confronted the man about her suspicions.

    The man did not deny the other women and, in his defense, said he was single. The man said he wanted to slow things down with the woman and now barely calls. She wanted to know if she was wrong for questioning him.

    Strawberry said the woman was not wrong for questioning the man. A woman feeling as if she is wrong for questioning a man is the problem, added the morning show host. “Why would you be afraid to ask him anything,” said Strawberry.

    The woman is moving too fast in her relationships, advised the radio DJ. “You’re giving your stuff away too soon,” informed Strawberry. The woman was advised to take it slow and not give herself to a man right away. She also suggested the man clean his house when he has company.

    Nephew Tommy said the man was “nasty” and was not a good housekeeper. “We got all this on the pillowcases… he ain’t cleaned up nothing,” he added. The woman was advised to find someone with good hygiene and move on from the man.


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