The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Questions if Keyshia Cole’s Relationship with Antonio Brown is Doomed (Video)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed Keyshia Cole’s relationship with NFL star Antonio Brown. Gary With Da Tea said Cole is back on the scene after a death in her family, and she is now dating Brown. Allegedly, the couple is moving their relationship along on the fast track, said Gary.

    “People are saying things are moving so fast, Ya’ll. Keisha done went on ahead and put her a tattoo on. They say she got Antonio’s initials tatted on her lower back,” said Gary.

    According to Gary, everyone is excited about it. Reportedly the former Tampa Bay wide receiver wrote the caption, ‘Shorty said she loved me, so she tatted my name.’

    Reportedly Brown also made statements on social media and posted a video of him showing off the tattoo. According to Gary, Brown claimed that he is pimping the R&B Diva in the video. Gary said he feels sorry for Cole because she is desperately looking for love.

    “I would not put nothing of him on me, for one thing,” said Gary.

    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show said Cole is a great catch and questions if Brown is on her level.

    “He ripping and running, carrying on and stuff, he ain’t stable,” said Gary. “Running with all those different people.”

    According to Gary, reportedly, Cole wants to have a child with the NFL star.

    “She said she wants his baby. She said she wants Antonio’s baby,” said Gary.


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