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Breaking News: Lauryn Hill Is Officially a Free Woman

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: This just in: lauryn hill has been released from prison. L-Boogie was locked up the last three months for tax evasion.

Trying to Quit Smoking? New Study Reveals Surprising Effectiveness of Electronic Cigarettes

Dr. Keith Ablow Releases Study Regarding Effectiveness of Electronic Cigarettes Renowned Psychiatrist Finds Electronic Cigarettes Effective Tools to Transition Off Tobacco, In Study Funded by LOGIC TechnologyLOGIC Technology, makers of premium electronic cigarettes, today announced the results of an expanded clinical study, conducted by Dr.

OH NO: DJ has Stroke at 21/No Health Insurance

Radio Facts: Shane Bingaman, a disc Radio DJey at Griff's Land ing in downtown Frederick , suffered a stroke last weekend. He is 21 years old. Better known as "DJ Shane," Bingaman will be out of work for three months. A heart condition led to a blood clot that caused the stroke, said Jenn Smith, manager of Griff's.