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Urban Program Directors Should Take Responsibility for Radio DJs' Lack of Creativity (letter)

Radio Facts: We got an interesting letter from a well respected national Radio DJ about our story on Radio DJs not being ready to represent their stations when a Kanye situation pops up. First and foremost thanks for being the voice of the urban radio and the industry. [...]
RDub Gets Slammed by the Sharks on Shark Tank "Radio Market Sucks"

RDub Gets Slammed by the Sharks on Shark Tank “Radio Market Sucks”

Digital and Radio Facts: Well, at least he tried but even Brian McKnight couldn't convince the Sharks that RDub's idea was a good one. RDub's biggest mistakes were only asking for $75.000 and there is nothing unique about the show that he holds the key to. [...]
RF Profile: DJ DimePiece "The Mixin' Vixen"

RF Profile: DJ DimePiece “The Mixin’ Vixen”

Digital and Radio Facts: Occasionally, a dj or Radio DJ comes across my desk that I am impressed with, LOVE those who think outside the box. [...]

Former Wild 94.1 DJ Trauma Dies Suddenly

Digital and Radio Facts:  Former Wild 94.1 DJ Trauma Dies SuddenlyAn autopsy is planned for a former Tampa, FL mix dj knows as Steven "DJ Trauma" Servalli. The 38-year-old   vet mix Radio DJ died suddenly in Arizona after suffering from Flu Like symptoms. [...]
Buffalo Gives Tribute to the Late Star Jock George "Hound Dog" Lorenz

Buffalo Gives Tribute to the Late Star Radio DJ George “Hound Dog” Lorenz

Digital and Radio Facts: George "Hound Dog" Lorenz was one of those white guys who got black people. He was daring and risked his own career by being bold enough to play songs by black artists on the radio in Buffalo. [...]
RadioFacts Give Jocks An Advantage for Jobs

Digital and Radio Facts Give Radio DJs An Advantage for Jobs

Digital and Radio Facts Creates Section for Radio Radio DJs: Programmers, Voice Over Agencies See Talent in one place102 Jams Orlando Seeks Morning Show Host, We knew about this gig BEFORE it posted.When a radio postion is revealved, programmers are often bombarded with requests and emails. [...]
ENTREPRENEUR JOCK: PJ Butta Goes to Jamaica/Hosts World Chart Countdown

ENTREPRENEUR Radio DJ: PJ Butta Goes to Jamaica/Hosts World Chart Countdown

Radio Facts: I really want to profile those Radio DJs and radio people who go the extra mile in RF and I know they are out there and I want to hear from you.... PJ looks like he stepped out of 1992 into 2009. [...]


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