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music_publishing-scaled500Six Feet One Publishing, a subsidiary music publishing company of 1 Way Public Relations ), and owned by Dr. Kenneth Love who is also a Jazz recording artist ), is seeking dance singles from recording artists for the purpose of promoting and publicizing songs worldwide through nightclub and radio deejays. Although such singles should be in their final format for release, they should have not already been commercially released for sale, promotion, publicity, advertising, to the general public, or media in any context.“Many artists produce a lot of music but never release it, for whatever reason,” says Dr. Love. “As such, our publishing company is seeking songs that would be considered uptempo dance singles to assist composers of these songs in getting their works out to the world at large while enabling them to enjoy royalties from their works. And, all music genres are welcomed, as long as they are danceable,” says Dr. Love.As the compact disc appears to be the latest sound recording format on a fast downward spiral, the mp3 digital music format appears to be the common portable format of choice that is standardizing the everyday listening experience. Even further, the mp3 eliminates the storage space required of compact discs, thereby, allowing an incredible number of songs to be stored as well as accessed easily and faster.“Most music listeners like and embrace the mp3 music file, from deejays’ ability to eliminate the experience of hauling crates of their compact discs and vinyl records to their shows, to listeners’ being able to now eliminate compact discs from taking up space in their vehicles or on their home shelves,” adds Dr. Love.To inform Six Feet One Publishing of tracks you may wish it to publish and promote, send streaming Sound Cloud website links or similar streaming website links to unreleased and unpublished songs via email to [email protected]



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