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5 Misconceptions about the Music Industry


Radio Facts: There are several misconceptions about the music industry and things we rarely talk about to the general public. Here are a few of those misconceptions. Click “Next” above for the next misconception

1. DJs Pick the Songs they Play

Not at all. Music is scheduled for each show for the most part and has to be approved before it makes that list for several radio corporations by the Program Director and he may have to run it by the national Vice President of Programming or Content first. Radio is heavily researched. So if you call in and request a song and you wait for it to be played, you are wasting your time as chances are it will not be played unless it's on the schedule.

2. All Radio Shows are local

Nope, some shows are “voice-tracked” which means they are produced in another market/city. This is the rule for almost all syndicated shows and some other dayparts as well.

3. There is no good music being released anymore

Older listeners, who are not online as much, tend to think this is the case but it's not. There is a TON of GREAT music that is consistently released but there is no room on the airwaves for it.  Many of your favorite artists who you have not heard from in a while have new material that never reaches the radio playlist.

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4. DJ are being themselves

For the most part they probably are but always with restrictions. The radio corporations are very protective of their brands and they keep a very close eye on everything that goes over the air. Unfortunately, this hurts potential future stars. The only people on the air who are allowed to be themselves are the syndicated hosts like Tom Joyner , Steve Harvey, Charlamagne and others and even they can't pick their own music.

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5. What makes a hit

Consistent plays or “spins” from various stations simultaneously nationwide.

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Several syndicated hosts like Steve Harvey and Ricky Smiley broadcast and live in Atlanta.

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