Shirley Strawberry Issues Apology to Steve Harvey and Wife Marjorie Following Recorded and Leaked Negative Remarks (video)


Shirley Strawberry Expresses Remorse after Leaked Phone Call about Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie

Shirley Strawberry
BEVERLY HILLS, CA – MAY 22: Shirley Strawberry attends the 43rd Annual Gracie Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on May 22, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

A Little History… Over the years in this very industry, I have heard many things about many people. I have seen people betray the people they work with or for by telling me personal things about them as an industry trade in the hopes that I would be the vessel to help destroy that person’s legacy while they kept collecting a paycheck from them. They could innocently sit on the sidelines and watch the drama unfold, acting like they had nothing to do with it. That’s pretty f’d up, and I want no part of it, so I don’t say anything but I know that person can’t be trusted.

All Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk… (Zora Neal Hurston)

For years I was pissed at Premiere Radio, the company that syndicates The Steve Harvey Morning Show, because they didn’t advertise with my brand but they advertised with other brands who were not black-owned, and they were advertising their Black brands on those platforms when I had the better reach. A black person at the time who was/is affiliated with the company led me to believe the powers that be at Premiere were racists, and I believed them.

I responded by attacking until another black person at Premiere who was in those very rooms informed me that that first Black person was actually the culprit that was blocking them from supporting my brand. So I left it alone. I have come to realize that you can be focused on racism all day if you want, and it does exist, but there are some Black people who will treat you WORSE if given the chance and things are not always what they seem. People will always, ALWAYS….. always look out for themselves FIRST.

I Already Knew About Shirley Strawberry and her husband, but…

I actually knew about Shirley Strawberry’s husband being arrested and the scandal for quite some time, and I never published the story because it was not my business and I had other sh to do. But even though I don’t know Shirley Strawberry that well, I knew she had to be going through it, and I think it’s a terrible situation to be in all the way around.

I used to work with Shirley Strawberry many years ago at The Beat in LA when she was on The House Party (John London‘s Morning Show). All I can say is she was always very savvy at keeping her distance from certain people, including me. I was very vocal about how racist the people at KKBT were, and Shirley, in my view, saw me as a troublemaker and she kept her distance. She was cordial but distant, and I didn’t know her very well, so I shrugged my shoulders and blew it off. It was no loss to me. I was around her enough to at least have a good laugh or conversation now and then, but I didn’t KNOW her.

The entire situation took place when Shirley Strawberry made a call to her husband, Ernesto Williams, who is being held at the Fulton County jail, and she was having a conversation with him about a recent visit at the time to Steve Harvey’s residence. She stated that Steve was winded, and Marjorie treated them like “the help”

As far as Steve, this has to be a very difficult situation to be in, he has the option to work with Shirley Strawberry after this, but he has to LIVE with his wife. Harvey has had a few PR issues lately that have to be frustrating, and it all boils down to “trust.” Shirley states that her job could be at risk, which is a very targeted reality. Time will tell…Shirley states in the video below…

 Oh, Steve, I’m gonna just start by saying that my estranged husband is in jail. He’s been in jail for over a year since about the right after the Fourth of July of 2022, and recently some phone calls from last year between he and I were leaked, and on those calls, you hear me saying you were winded going up the stairs at your home, and Marjorie looked at us as the help and right here, and now I want to apologize to you and Marjorie for what I said is I could I can’t take it back I can’t I said it and I want to apologize it was definitely not me trying to add to what you and Marjorie already have going on in your lives right now But the fact that these tapes were released it does seem like everyone is coming to you I mean coming for you.

I should say at this time, including me, but in reality, the tapes have nothing to do with what you and Marjorie have going on. it was just me running my mouth in a private conversation or what I thought was a private conversation, and again, I apologize. I feel terrible and make no excuses. You know I said what I said, and I am. There’s no denying it. There’s no taking it back on Back then, when the phone calls happened, I was trying to stand by my man and be a supportive wife, you know I’ve been married to this man for eight years.

I had no idea that all this is going on with him. I had no idea, and the charge is that he’s facing our horrific. They are really bad, and I for sure did not want your name mentioned in any kind of way associated with my mess, so I had to call you. I want to clear something up Steve you did not introduce me to him. I met him through a friend, an ex-friend now anyway, so that’s what I was saying I had to tell you he was in jail. It was gonna come out.

I didn’t want you to hear it from anyone else. I wanted you to hear from me because I knew once the police and everyone you know Got involved and they were already involved and they found out who his wife was in. She worked with and all of that you know in and that you Steve Harvey will become do you know a real big story because it’s you your name and like I told you Steve when I called you I didn’t want to call you I mean I was embarrassed I was hurt do you know how Betrayed humiliated you know who it was just terrible I mean my life, you know, police and jail, and all of this and it was just something that I didn’t do you know I’ve never experienced anything like this far in my hair down the road up took my car I had to have my stylus take me home House I lost everything 0NN I am this to like on the day July 4.

We were having dinner with friends, and we were going to watch the fireworks after that and so the fireworks didn’t happen that night because it was like a terrible terrible storm so the fireworks were canceled and when I look back, kind of a metaphor for what I was about to happen in my life thunderstorms were coming. They were coming. The next day was the last time I saw him he was arrested the very very next day you know I didn’t even know he was arrested. I couldn’t get in touch with him All from jail and you know I didn’t answer it because it just didn’t compute it but he got word to me through one of his friends.

They texted me that he was at Fulton County Jail so the next time he called, I picked up, and that was him that I called earlier on in jail and you know, he told me what happened I thought he would be getting out in a couple of days because that’s what he told me but of course you know, we are here later those days turned in the week the weeks turned in a month and like I said I don’t this is just on and on every day it’s just something in my life it has just been a nightmare ever cents and it’s still going on Steve I mean I had no idea that those tapes would be released to the world.

You know I knew that they were being reported but I didn’t know that they were going to go out to the world at me and I was just trying to make conversation with him trying to Think about something other than where he was you know I am I was telling him about my day this particular day and that was the day we were talking about you know on the phone when I said those things about you and the things that you’ve heard and I’m the world her in today I haven’t spoken to him in quite some time divorce proceedings are underway and all I can say is what I have is my faith if it wasn’t for God I probably would’ve lost my mind or something and in this instance, you know people don’t see what happens when these mikes go off you know who wants your personal cell or private conversations to go out to public no one no one wants that I mean what can I say to you after this you know happened I was devastated I mean absolutely devastated.

I mean I thought of everything, you know, I could lose my job, but you know how can I face you and everything you know, what I’m going through is what I’m going through, you know, and I’ve been going through it for over a year I just haven’t spoken about it Off of all that these tapes come out and you know I’m talking about you and Marjorie and you guys are going to your own private hell right now you know you didn’t need me to contribute to anything you know, and I thought back you know I knew I had to say something speaker you created this created this term years ago in Los Angeles called reality radio and I’m gonna tell you right now this is the bad is real is as it gets you know him And the reason I’m here before you now I wanted to see it live on the radio it’s because your name is in it you know we’ve been friends for a long time. Steven, and in these jail calls were made public, and I wanted to give you and Marjorie a public apology and to ask for your forgiveness publicly

I have to tell you I’ve been coming to work every day because you know it’s my only safe haven right now gave me a place where I could still be myself and forget my troubles for a little while, you know, and just you know do my job you know I want to thank you guys I want to thank you for Steve, Tommy Junior, and of course my girls, Carla you know for the space in the grace that you guys show me a very difficult time. My life is, if you can imagine, you know I just I love you guys with family. Thank you, and I just want to thank everyone. I’m just trying to live. I’m sorry for what You and your wife are going through right now with your life, and I hate your names were dragged into my drama because you certainly don’t deserve it.


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