Ryan Wilson Open Successful Private Club in Atlanta for Entrepreneurs


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photo credit: Ryan Wilson
photo credit: Ryan Wilson

Without a doubt the best new business are created by passion and filling a void. A young Atlanta attorney, Ryan Wilson, worked diligently to fill a void in Atlanta. He found that there was a lack of space for black professionals and entrepreneurs to go outside of their home offices or office to work and socialize. This is not only a problem in Atlanta, it’s nationwide including here in Los Angeles. Country Clubs, as we know, were not a fit, restaurants don’t have the accommodations and places like Starbucks at one time showed promise but many of the Starbucks stores, at least in L.A., have become a refuge for the homeless, young industry people breaking out in performances at any time and they have uncomfortable seating arrangements and annoying and boring music. If this is Starbucks effort to make you come in, get your coffee and leave, they are right on point.

Ryan’s answer is The Gathering Spot. What he describes as An innovative, private, members-only city club that brings together a motivated and diverse community of professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs. Members benefit from a 24/7 alternative work and social environment, complete with stimulating events, concierge services, integrated technology and a full-service restaurant and bar.”  The young professional worked tirelessly to raise venture capital for 3 million dollars on his idea and he admits it was very difficult but the result, as he predicted, is a success. The site is located at 384 Northyards Blvd NW, Atlanta. You can see more info at www.thegatheringspot.club



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