Killer Mike Announces and Concedes Political Office Run in One Day


Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 2.42.23 AMKiller Mike speaks the language of the young, old, disenfranchised, civilized, organized, abused, confused, misguided, educated, uneducated, and even the police.   In other words he truly speaks as a representative of the people.  As the son of a police officer, Killer Mike possesses a refreshing and unique perspective about the world because he is smart enough to know that it's bigger than the streets of Atlanta, the United States, the globe, and beyond.He is a social activist that puts his time, energy, and money behind his words and causes. If you haven't heard about his Graffitis SWAG Barbershop in the ATL, you really should check it out. It's more than just a shop, it's a place where Killer Mike, his wife, and his employees provide world-class lifestyle enhancement while giving back to the community. For the record #ShaveWashAndGroom = #SWAGOn Monday, Killer Mike showed a little more than SWAG when he threw his name in the hat of candidates to run for a local election in Georgia.  He caused a bit of a frenzy when he made the announcement just one day before the election. Instead of releasing a secret album, which is now the new trend in music thanks to Beyonce, Killer Mike took his “secret” to the people going out to the polls. With the slogan “If I win, We Win,” Killer Mike made his campaign announcement on Instagram to his 110,000 followers.”In Atlanta Georgia there will be special election tomorrow for District 55,” he wrote, referring to a state house district. “I would like as many people as possible to go to the polls and write in Michael Render.”After announcing his write-in candidacy under his government name, Michael Render, the ATL rapper had a little momentum going after Outkast member, Big Boi endorsed him as well via Facebook.It was all very short-lived as Killer Mike had to concede his run based on the official rules of governing body. The local ATL political officials almost immediately countered his run but letting people know Killer Mike couldn't run because he hadn't filled out the necessary paperwork to be considered an official write-in candidate.Five hours after he posted his initial plea for votes, Michael Render posted a video on Instagram saying he didn't have the paperwork and he couldn't stand as a write-in. He graciously thanked the other candidates and kept it moving.This really goes to show you the power of social media. One Instagram post had political officials running to find the rules to stop his candidacy and just for a minute, things got really interesting. I'm not sure about you, but I would vote for Killer Mike.  Yes, I just said I would vote for a man that calls himself Killer Mike. Kudos to you Mike for trying to be a voice for the people. Kudos also go out to rapper, Rhymefest, who also made a serious run for Alderman in the city of Chicago a few years back.  Change is inevitable but these young men are trying to speed up the process just a bit.Read Killer Mike's initial Instagram post below. – In Atlanta Georgia there will be special election tomorrow for District 55. Former state representative Tyrone Brooks no longer sits in the seat. I would like as many people as possible to go to the polls and write in Michael Render. Why because if I win we win. Thank you now go vote 🇺🇸

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