Rick Party and Benji Brown back 2 to 7, Hot 105 in Miami


What Happened to Michael Baisden?

Rick Party and Benji Brown are back on in the afternoon 2 to 7 at Hot 105 Miami, they were moved to the 10 to 3 shift a year ago when Michael Baisden came to the Radio Station . They are replacing the Michael Baisden show.

The New lineup:

  • 6-9am – TJMS
  • 9a – 2pm James T
  • 2 – 7p – Rick Party in the afternoon w/Benji Brown
  • 7p – 12mid – Quiet Storm w/Freddie Cruz


  1. I’m leaving also, because Rick and Benji seem a. little juvenile. At least I have James T in the morning. The good thing is I’m encouraged to check out other outlets and who knows I may run into Michael Baisden. No Michael Baisden, no need to listen.

  2. michael baisden is part of our afternoons!! dont really care for rick and benji. hot 105.1 you are part of our miami. dont do this..

  3. This is a big loss, Michael Basien show is so informative,,, hot 105 need to stop playing,,,,,Rick and Benji is a no no… I will wait for Freddy Cruz to come on,,,Michael Basien Time slot will be use on 93.1

  4. I AGREE with all of the previous comments. Rick Party and Benji with ‘Kiki’ is TOO RIDICULOUS! For the 40 and 50 Year olds #Grownfolks we like humor and in-depth conversations. Wow not happy about the change????

  5. The dropping of the Michael Baisden show leaves me wondering who’s managing Hot 105.1…just another bad decision…I guess the ratings and advertising revenue will tell the story…in my opinion, they lowered the bar.

  6. You have to have something for all of your listeners and that’s what you had in the Michael Baisden show I cannot be lieve that you took this show off of the airwaves put it back on!!!!!

  7. I can not believe 105 took the Michael Baisden off the air. The person who decided not to renew the contract need to be FIRED!!!!

  8. Man, we just celebrated Mike B coming back 1 year ago and now poof! Gone! My long afternoon commute will not be the same without this show. Hey, Hot 105 exes know your base….We want the Michael Baisden Show back!

  9. No good hot105, why would you remove such an awesome afternoon show. Mike Baisden was for the adult community and talked about our issues concerns whats happening in our neighborhoods when other stations are scared to. Rick party and benji brown are pure garbage no substance, no grown talk replace them immediately please. Bring baisden back.

  10. I love TGMS just wish it was a little later. But Michael Baisden being back was a joke. I love him but I felt like his topics repeated themselves too often. It was as if the shows were all recorded the year before. Too much repetition. I tuned out months ago. During his time I listen to a book if I’m I’m in my car. Don’t care for his replacement so I guess I’ll be listening to more books. I have HOT 105 from 6-9am and then again at 8pm. That’s enough radio I guess. If I don’t listen to TJMS I don’t know what’s going on out in the world.

  11. It’s another mid term election year. The powers that be do not like MBs grassroots advocacy. I lived in the DC area and listened to MB on WHUR 96.3 and loved how MB galvanized black folks to get registered to vote and actually turn out in huge numbers in 2008, 2010, 2012. When he got kicked off it was for this very reason. I believe it was in 2014. SMH.

  12. Guess I’ll be tuning in elsewhere…my afternoons just aren’t the same without the Michael B. Show. The new afternoon show is lame. You just took the Hot away from 105.

  13. This was a very bad move. I enjoyed Mike , Tamara and George ! I know the owners of the station / media group don’t really care what we think but, I am posting regardless.


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