RF Review: A Night with The Foreign Exchange- Let the Church Say Amen!?


“Jesus and titties don’t go together,” was just one the hilarious sing-a-long chants that resonated throughout the Key Club this past Friday night as The Foreign Exchange invaded the world-famous Sunset Blvd. Nicolay, Zo, Sy Smith, Jeanne Jolly, and of course the ultimate Master of Ceremonies, Phonte’ brought their “A” game this evening with a cleverly crafted and balanced performance that leaves you thinking, “How come they aren’t more famous than they already are?”Don’t get me wrong, the room was packed from front to back and energy was incredible for the Grammy nominated R&B/Soul/Hip-Hop group. With patron shots flowing, the grown & sexy stepping in the love in the “Moscato Section,” as Phonte so eloquently called the balcony area, and the young the restless crammed at the front of stage, @FEOfficial was absolutely as official as their twitter handle indicates. Whether it was “Take off Your Blues” from the “Leave it All Behind” album, “Gonna Be A Beautiful Night” from Phonte’s “Charity Starts at Home” album, or “Fight for Love” from the “Authenticity” album, those in attendance were groovin’ for the entire two hours FE blessed the congregation.And congregation is the absolute best word to describe the way the crowd connected with Phonte’s masterful ability to deliver eloquently edgy humor, fluid yet soulful vocal ability, lyrical prowess that dominated 90’s hip-hop, and good ole’ southern Baptist preacher like satirical sermons as the “church” obliged him with an “Amen” every time he requested one. The entire band plays off of each other extremely well and they just seem fun on stage and therefore the crowd responds and reciprocates the enthusiasm.There are only one more stop on the “Authenticity” tour but if you can get to Phoenix, AZ for the last show at the Monarch on October 23rd, I highly recommend that you go. If you do make it, here are a few tips for you: Be prepared to have a good time, enjoy some quality music, “LOL” will be a requirement, get ready for “The Mack” (That is an inside joke for true FE fans), and when Phonte says, “Let the Church Say Amen,” make sure you respond accordingly.

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