Radio Facts Quick 5, WBLS OM-Skip Dillard (WBLS and WLIB)

WBLS’s Skip Dillard (WBLS and WLIB) is one of the most respected programmers in the business and one of our favorite programmers. Currently he programs the only Black station in the Number 1 market.. New York.. WBLS is an Urban Adult station that oddly, at press time, has no head-on competitor in the market. Skip has reinvented himself several times over the years becoming skillful in various aspects of the industry machine. Dillard programmed WBLK in Buffalo for several years then went on to Program in San Francisco as well as DC and he even held down the Black editor position at Billboard magazine for a while. At this time we’d also like to thank the station for the  support Radio Facts has gotten over the air from the midday talent at WBLS vet Radio DJ Shaila Simpson. She went to Buff State college at the same time as I did and we both got our first radio break from the late great Byron Pitts. Hello to the entire staff at BLS.  Radio Facts did a Quick 5 interview with Dillard this week. Enjoy… (click “Next” above or below story for each question)skip-dillardRadio Facts : In 2014, how would you explain the difference between CHR, Rhythmic and Urban (per Power, Hot and your station?)Skip Dillard (WBLS and WLIB): It’s about finding a “lane” today. You will overlap and come close to the edge from time to time. You just have to have a core audience to stay true to. And you have to truly be a lifestyle expert to keep them once you’ve found them.1009475_10153081974790494_80866155_oRF: How can programmers market themselves in this corporate climate?SD: First off, show you’re the best in what you do. Second, go to at least one or two serious industry events each year such as the Nielsen programming (former Arbitron PD clinic). 3rd, most of us do some kind of social networking. Don’t bombard anyone, just work to connect with people you can learn from.One example of networking I can think of is George Cook. Before K104 in Dallas came calling, he was out of work for a minute. But I saw him at every serious radio conference and industry event taking notes, asking questions and meeting people. He was out of work but kept pressing on as if he were programming in a top 10 market and look what happened for him…skip-dillard-2RF: How important are industry trades?SD: If they’re focused on industry information and trends they remain a great resource for all of us. Job openings, commentary from industry leaders and format specific commentary are all very valuable.skip-dillard-3RF: Where do you see radio 3 years from now?SD: More digital revenue coming in the door and I am optimistic that the digital universe will create more employment for our industry as well. Radio will rise to the challenge as we become more visual, more mobile, and experiment to create content for a variety of platforms.644276_10151805332720874_828833641_nRF: Give me 5 current programmers you respect the most.SD:

  • Derrick Brown
  • Jimmy Steal
  • Derrick Corbett
  • George Cook
  • Thea Mitchem


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