Power Play List Magazine, 2017’s Best of the BEST

Digital and Radio Facts:

INDUSTRY LEADERS WHO MAKE HISTORY“Thanks, Kevin, I appreciate being included, I’ve had a lot of folks reach out to me based on the article. Thank you!”Thea Mitchem EVP iHeartRadio (for Women of Color in Media Honor)————————————————————–
From the industry legend brand that brought you the hugely successful “Celebrating Women of Color in Media” Magazine …
Allow us to introduce …
“2017's POWER PLAY LIST Magazine
Dedicated to 2017's SuccessStories and the AMAZING People behind them.
RECOGNIZING EXCELLENCE IN OUR INDUSTRY… Because if WE don' t do it, Who will?10 to 12 Honorees
  • PD of the Year
  • Label Exec of the Year
  • Radio Corporation of the Year
  • Legend of the year
  • Success story of the year
  • and MORE
December 2017

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