Ray J Says ‘I’m sorry’ to Brandy For ‘Verzuz’ Performance


“The Talk” guest co-host Ray J reacts to his recent “Versuz” battle singing “One Wish” and getting criticism from sister Brandy. “You know, I had my baby in my arms…and I was just having too much fun and tequila…and my sister had a whole plan for me that night.

I was supposed to drink tea and I was only supposed to stay in one place for the whole performance.” After Brandy posted her reaction on social media, Ray J says, “I tried to delete that…I love my sister because it’s so important to make sure you perfect your craft as much as you can and give the world a good show.

I mean, I entertained though, but as far as the vocals, I have a lot of redeeming to do.” Ray J adds, “She’s hard on me on this, so it’s not redemption, it’s Ray-demption. I apologized to my sister right on the spot…right after I hit the note I apologized.” Natalie Morales asks, “You haven’t talked to Brandy since?

Ray J responds, “B, I’m sorry. I know you know that I’m good at singing and I promise you, I’m not gonna let you down, okay.”

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