Family Says Airline Lost Their Cat After Flight To Boston


Last week a Massachusetts family spoke out after they say their cat went missing while being moved by an airline after a flight from Germany. 

According to the family, Lufthansa Airlines told them that their cat Rowdy, 4 years old, escaped from her cage while cargo was being unloaded at Logan Internation Airport to chase after a bird. The airline was allegedly unable to catch her and lost track of Rowdy’s whereabouts. 

The Sahli family was in the process of moving back to the U.S. from Germany after living there for 15 years where family members served with the U.S. Army 

“I went to the cargo area and they said ‘Oh, do you have a black cat?’ [I said] ‘Yeah,’ and they said ‘Well, we don’t know where she is right now,’” Patty Sahli told NBC Boston. According to NBC, Lufthansa also told Sahli in a recent email that custom agents sent a K9 unit to search for the cat and an animal control unit set up traps for her, but were unsuccessful. 

“She’s got bright green eyes; the softest coat ever, she’s a very vocal, loud cat. She goes and gets into things,” said Sahli. “We joke that she inspects every box and every bag, and she would be great at airport security.”

Sahli shared her despair in a Reddit post only a few days ago, which detailed that “the airline lost my cat at Boston Airport, I am worried sick,” in the title of the post. The post has gained over 16,000 likes so far.

“Her sister cat flew the same route a week prior and was fine, this is the last time i plan on flying with cats,” she wrote in a comment. “Last I heard they tried to catch her while she was chasing birds? …. Her carrier had two locking mechanisms so it’s pretty hard to escape from.”

Sahli and her lost cat ‘Rowdy’ have gained support from people online, with many messages and helpful information. 

Lufthansa informed Sahli that her case has now been passed on to their customer feedback department in New York.

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