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Power 99 FM and WDAS Partner with the Philadelphia NAACP to Host Human Relations Seminar for Creative Steps Inc. Camp

 width=On Monday July 27, 2009 FM and FM will partner with the to host students from Steps . summer camp for a special workshop on human .   Philadelphia NAACP President J. Whyatt Mondesire will  lead the students in a designed to put their widely publicized ban from the Valley Club swimming pool in the context of the Civil Rights Movement.   According to Mondesire there is another key goal.  “In the middle of all the media hype we wanted to pause and look at what actions these young people can take to turn what has been a deeply troubling experience into something positive,”  he said.  Loraine Ballard Morrill Director of News and Community Affairs said, “We can’t be happier to partner with the Philadelphia NAACP for  this event and give the youth a voice that will be heard through our airwaves and to have a thoughtful discussion of race relations in light of this incident and the recent arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates “ The kids will be greeted by fm’s Shamara and WDAS FM’s at a breakfast donated by John Dawkins, CEO and President of Jo-Dan Enterprises/McDonald’s Licensee. This will be  followed by the seminar lead by Mondesire which will be recorded for airing on fm and WDAS FM and posted on their websites.  The stations will then sending the campers off for a trip to Dorney Park.    A local clothing retailer  is donating money to outfit the kids.

fm and WDAS FM are recognized nationally for their commitment to community service.


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