New Strategic Intellectual Property Entertainment Fund Enters Market with $2 Billion


A new fund “The Strategic Intellectual Property (SIP) Entertainment Fund” has been formed and funded in the amount of 2 billion USD. The fund will have offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai. Full operations and invesents will begin in February of 2016. The fund is expected to be one of the preeminent entertainment and licensing entities in all world territories, with a focus on China and USA.

The fund will have an emphasis on modern digital media. It will focus across multiple business segments, including entertainment, consumer product licensing, location-

based entertainment, publishing, music, wireless and online/interactive. The goal of the SIP Entertainment fund is to provide long-term appreciation and significant operating revenue from investing in the acquisition and development of intellectual property within the entertainment sector.

The strategy of the fund will be based on controlled diversified risk management, while investing in probable high yielding entertainment invesents, including, but not limited to:- Equity invesents in publicly traded entertainment companies.

– Equity or convertible debt invesents in privately held enterprises that have an IPO or exit strategy within 48 months and possess unique internal intellectual property (IP) exploitable in the entertainment sector.

-The acquisition of entertainment-based intellectual property for monetization, such as a percentage or total ownership in a character or character catalog.

– Creation, development and ownership of internal intellectual property for commercial-based projects and products, including support branding of such IP through social media, apps, feature films, music, television and other unique marketing channels.

-Co-invesent in major studio large-budget films that utilize and build the funds IP’s.

-Production of feature films and building of franchises from acquired and internally created Intellectual Property.

– Production of innovative micro-budget Internet content and short films as viral properties to test the market acceptance and interest for IP properties of the fund.

– Invesent of fund’s assets in entertainment related real estate, with the goal to franchise and eventually build a world-class theme park.

The SIP Entertainment Fund will have a nine-year life, stretching longer than most funds due to the unique space it is operating within. The founders of the fund are very excited by the prospects for the future.

Key management will include: Justin Joe, Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Invesent Officer; Steven Sun, Board of Directors Vice President; Joanna King, Board Member and Managing Director; and John Probandt, Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Invesent Officer. Before the full launch in February 2016, two additional, significant executives iconic to the industry will be announced, as well as a consulting board made up of top insiders.

“We are creating and purchasing IP that has a multiple purpose strategy,” says John Probandt. “The fund was formed to tap the opportunity we jointly as a team see in the proven IP space where, unlike movies alone, we will produce ongoing revenue from many income streams such as subscription, licensing, merchandising and much more.

These markets have demonstrated tremendous enthusiasm within our space. Through a range of licensing, entertainment, private and public theaters, merchandising, publishing and other interactive media, we will exploit the long-term growth opportunity we see throughout the world. Our model is ‘Content with a Purpose that Reaches Beyond the Box Office.’

“We are not a movie fund,” he adds, “but movies are an important part of our strategy .”In addition, the SIP Entertainment Fund will appeal to both American and Chinese markets, leveraging local partners to maximize profits and reduce risks.” This fund will narrow the bridge between America and China,” says Justin Joe, the fund’s Co-Chairman.

“We will be sensitive to both cultures in Asia and America, and we believe that that we will achieve great success by utilizing a mix of traditional acquired IP with stories that are based on or in harmony with China’s rich cultural heritage of storytelling.

“Mr. Sun and Ms. King have long recognized the enormous long-term growth opportunity presented by China and other rapidly developing markets, and the synergistic energy that will be created by combining American and Chinese cultures. Mr. Joe adds, “Now that China has tens of thousands of theater screens and will within five years pass America, the timing is perfect for the new fund.

Add to this the fact that now China protects IP better than anywhere in the world and we have a major opportunity for our fund to exceed all expectations. “Recognizing the need for the support, guidance, market knowledge and resources of very strong local partners in order to pursue these markets successfully, the fund’s main strategy will focus on cultivating these partnerships to achieve success.

“Our investors will always come first,” says Mr. Joe. “We aim for lofty, but ultimately achievable results. “Joe concludes, “The fund’s leadership has a deep understanding of the Chinese market and American culture, as well as that of other Asian Markets. We are confident we can combine this valuable perspective on what will work in these markets with our 60-plus years of compelling experience.”

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