Bobby Wonder Returns to Buffalo to Program


bobbyCongrats to industry vet Bobby Wonder.

After 30 years of Radio with stops in Atlanta, Kansas, City, Jacksonville, Raleigh and Nashville, to name a few,  I’m headed back to Buffalo as Program Director for WUFO and General Manager Sheila Brown of Vision Multi Media Group.  “Sheila has a bright and obtainable vision for the Radio Station and company and I proudly accept the challenge and opportunity to help Sheila and Vision Multi Media Group achieve the goals and objective of taking WUFO to the next level.” Wonder’s start date is January 4, 2016.
 FYI: Bobby Wonder and Byron Pitts gave Radio Facts publisher kevin ross his first radio gig at WIGO in Atlanta working for the late Dorothy Bruson (Kevin likes to call WIGO “Nam” um sort for the Vietnam War?)


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