More Problems for Steve Harvey, Living Ex Wife Mary Suing him for Murder?

0“I’m confrused man, I was confrused.” I just can’t figure out why Steve Harvey felt the need to divorce his (2nd wife) Mary. The mogul’s past is REALLY coming back to torment him or at least is seems that way. I’m not sure if he’s a target or if his past and current mistakes are just haunting him but he’s been through it over the past year. Along with his massive success, here is the list of Harvey’s massive challenges …

  • Angst over a visit to Trump followed by a huge backlash
  • Backlash from the Asian community over a “racist” TV segment
  • Fallout and separation with his business partner Rushion McDonald who is largely responsible for much of Steve’s success
  • Canceling the popular “Neighborhood Awards” as part of that fallout
  • Going to court to prevent a videographer from releasing tapes of him from years ago allegedly discriminating against white people.
  • The most recent harsh memo to former Chicago TV staff members
  • AND NOW…. his former wife Mary is back with a $60 Million lawsuit.

Harvey’s divorce with his ex-wife was wrapped or so it seemed in 2005. He has even had her locked up on at least one occasion after she disobeyed a gag order. Mary L. Harvey is claiming mental anguish and “soul” damage? What in the hell is that? Perhaps she can’t keep up with the beat anymore when her old school jam is played? At any rate, she wants $60 million from him stating his treatment towards her after the divorce has made her suicidal.In her own words, she exclaimed, “All was loss, Mary L Harvey was dead” (actual quote from TMZ… sorry for her lost). So she is including “Murder” in the list of civil charges against Steve even though she is still living, see it was her SOUL that was murdered, she claims. The suit is rambling at times and was filed by Mary’s “Civil Rights Activist”(???) Does she mean Civil SUIT Activist? (which is not an actual job).This is not looking good. Either Mary is really having some psychological challenges (along with her self-proclaimed Civil Rights Activist) OR dem streets is a callin’ and she’s BRILLIANT because she’s proving her point beyond the shadow of a debt, I mean doubt. I have always stated Mary was Steve’s “ride-or-die” chick and his current wife Marjorie is allegedly his “ride TILL you die” chick. (Marjorie looks like she will sue even if you are broke). Steve’s camp did not respond to TMZ as they are still trying to fix the memo debacle. Source TMZ


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