Are Listeners Warming up to or Rejecting Russ Parr and Donnie Simpson is DC?


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We have heard MANY complaints about both shows in the DC market and people are demanding that Tom Joyner return to the FM airwaves. We have heard that Russ Parr’s show is not mature enough and Donnie’s show is very dated? Do you agree or are both doing well in your opinion? What are you thoughts?  Are you listening to Tom online or the AM Radio Station in DC? While we have our own professional radio opinion we want to take it to the streets and find out what YOU think!

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  1. I was really pissed off when they switched TJMS to AM radio. The reception on AM is horrible to say the least! I listen to Tom online now. I don’t have anything against Russ Parr, but his show is NOT made for the 102.3 morning crowd! It’s always been a young, hip hop-oriented station and that’s who Russ & Co. cater to. Whoever decided to make the switch between both morning shows should be FIRED! It was an asinine move. BRING THE TJMS BACK TO FM RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. I must agree. I’ve attempted to listen to Russ Parr several times without success. I stream Tom Joyner on Tune in. I miss relevant topics and conversations. As for Donnie, I can take him in the afternoon but I go back in forth to other stations because it turns into….I remember when sessions.

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  5. I listen to Tom Joyner through his app until I get jnto the car then I turn to 1450…which I hate because ethereal reception is not great. I refuse to turn the radio on with Russ Par!!!I do listen to Donnie Simpson in the evenings on the way home.

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  7. Russ Parr doesn’t even compare to the TJMS!!! We want a grown and sexy variety of music, like the TJ morning show brought, and now we don’t have that unless you listen to Tom online because the AM channel is a joke!!! Whoever decided to make this change needs to be slapped back to reality!!!! PLEASE BRING BACK THE TJMS!!!!!

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  11. Russ Parr show is too immature. I didn’t tune in to his show nor do I listen to WKYS. I listen to TJMS through his app every morning and forget all about Donnie in the evening because I’m listening to satellite radio (better options).

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  13. I love Donnie and I am sooo happy that he is back on the radio. I grew up with Donnie and honestly he helped cultivate my love for all types of music! Definitely a great move to bring him back! Russ Parr is a different story. They should have left TJMS in that time slot! Russ’s radio show does not fit the audience on Magic! Best to leave him on a less mature audience like KYS! Definitely need to bring Tom Joyner back!

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  16. I actually like some of the political commentary that is done on the Russ Parr show but the show is still juvenile and crude other than that and I can’t listen with my young child in the car. I like the diversity of Donnie’s music choices but the nostalgia is annoying and Timmy and Rick Chill aren’t formidable enough to provide levity when he’s rambling. I actually prefer to listen to Tony, Mo and George’s chatter.

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  18. I hate the Russ show. Please bring back TJMS! Leaving for 96.3. His show is more for the young crowd. This was done with really no good explaination to the fans. Crappy reception on the AM station.

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  20. I have been listening to Tom Joyner since the early 90’s and remember when their show started the national syndication. His show wasn’t always well rounded and had more of the fun banter that Russ Parr offers. I like Russ Parr and like that his show plays more urban and hip hop that is more upbeat and not full of the current music that was played on his previous station. I am willing to give him and his show a chance just like I did for Tom Joyner. I think that the there is room for both. If I want to hear Tom Joyner then I will stream his show.

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  22. Wow, I thought I was the only person who felt like this. I love TJMS and I’m not a fan of name dropping Donnie.I tune into the TJMS on the app and XM radio on the ride home. Prior to the line-up change I was tuned into 102.3 all day, every day.PLEASE BRING the TJMS back to 102.3 or Mr. Joyner come on over to XM.

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  24. I am very happy with Russ Part and love the sports segment. Tom Joyner was on the radio when I lived in Florida and I hated it then and hated it whrn they came to DC. As for Donnie Sinpson I dee why WPGC retired him. I can only listen to BBD so much.

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  27. I thought I was the only person that felt this way. All they did by replacing the TJMS with Russ Parr was push me to switch station and start listening to Steve Harvey. I don’t get Russ Parr. He’s too immature for me. I was so disappointed when they moved the TJMS to AM radio. I can barely get an AM signal. Please bring the TJMS back and keep Donnie doing his thing in the evening.

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  29. Please bring Tom Joyner back! Tom kept us abreast as to what’s going on in our community. He discussed topics that are meaningful to us a black citizens: voting rights, education,finances, and civil rights to name a few. With all of the things the black community is contending with, I don’t need to hear stupid @$$ed horoscopes, celebrity gossip, and other tom foolery! I am equally tired of Shirley Strawberry “ke-keeing” and agreeing with everything Steve says. Oh, and in regards to S. Harvey, sick of the ignorant sounding, over exaggerated Southern accent! Oops, almost forgot about Donnie Simpson incessant trips down radio memory lane! He is the Oprah Winfrey of radio! I do have to give DS props for playing good music. My ride to work at 6 in the morning is no longer the same without Tom in the morning!I have respect for each man and his hustle but not feeling Russ Parr in the morning, My choice is to listen to the lesser of a few evils. I channel surf between stations so as not to hear either of the DJ’s speak for too long! Never felt that way with Tom!


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