Are Listeners Warming up to or Rejecting Russ Parr and Donnie Simpson is DC?


russ parrWe have heard MANY complaints about both shows in the DC market and people are demanding that Tom Joyner return to the FM airwaves. We have heard that Russ Parr’s show is not mature enough and Donnie’s show is very dated? Do you agree or are both doing well in your opinion? What are you thoughts?  Are you listening to Tom online or the AM station in DC? While we have our own professional radio opinion we want to take it to the streets and find out what YOU think!



  1. I have to agree Russ Parr is to immature for me and I love Donnie Simpson but I am glad he is on during the afternoon drive because I don’t think he will make it during the morning drive. BRING THE TOM JOYNER MORNING SHOW BACK. What are you waiting for?

  2. I matured listening to Donnie Simpson. I followed him to every radio station he DJed in the DMV! I’m not a fan of Thom Joyner but I listened to him when Donnie retired and prefer to listen to his show in support of Huggie Lowdown and Chris Paul.
    Russ Parr, I am not a fan! I don’t listen to the radio until 10am.
    Bring back Thom Joyner!!!

  3. I was really pissed off when they switched TJMS to AM radio. The reception on AM is horrible to say the least! I listen to Tom online now. I don’t have anything against Russ Parr, but his show is NOT made for the 102.3 morning crowd! It’s always been a young, hip hop-oriented station and that’s who Russ & Co. cater to. Whoever decided to make the switch between both morning shows should be FIRED! It was an asinine move. BRING THE TJMS BACK TO FM RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I must agree. I’ve attempted to listen to Russ Parr several times without success. I stream Tom Joyner on Tune in. I miss relevant topics and conversations. As for Donnie, I can take him in the afternoon but I go back in forth to other stations because it turns into….I remember when sessions.

  5. Not hating on Russ Parr but his brand is not for me. I would love to have Thom Joyner and the crew back. He’s still on in Richmond, so I stream his show there. Its a bigger inconvenience than I would like but I refuse to listen to that garbage. The Russ Parr show is like The Steve Harvey Show on steroids and I’m only able to tolerate a little bit of Steve’s show.

  6. I listen to Tom Joyner through his app until I get jnto the car then I turn to 1450…which I hate because ethereal reception is not great. I refuse to turn the radio on with Russ Par!!!
    I do listen to Donnie Simpson in the evenings on the way home.

  7. I miss Tom Joyner. Its a mix of entertainment and education. The other other shows are immature and dumb. Bring back Tom Joyner…

  8. I want Tom Joyner back. Its a disgrace to have Tom on an a.m. station that we can not hear clearly. Russ is funny but not for 102.3

  9. Russ Parr doesn’t even compare to the TJMS!!! We want a grown and sexy variety of music, like the TJ morning show brought, and now we don’t have that unless you listen to Tom online because the AM channel is a joke!!! Whoever decided to make this change needs to be slapped back to reality!!!! PLEASE BRING BACK THE TJMS!!!!!

  10. Please bring Tom Joyner back to FM. It is a great disservice to the black community. I have been listening to him since 1994. The show is very entertaining and very informative. As he says it’s a party with a purpose, and the show aims to bring about social/civic issues and not just tell corny jokes. I cannot listen to him on AM 1450, no transmission. Fortunately I’m able to listen to the show through my computer.

  11. I listened to Russ Parr two days ago for a few minutes. In that time he insulted a caller and dismissed him when the caller asked to be called by his name. Why would any business want that type of person representing the company. Radio One needs and should do better.


  13. I am a die hard Donnie Simpson fan. I think he is getting his radio legs back, love Timmy Hall, not a fan of Rick Chill. When Donnie went off the air I listened to talk radio for 3 years. I was not a fan of Tom Joyner. Eventually, I wanted music back in my morning commute, so I gave Tom Joyner another chance. I love many aspects of the show (not all) but enough that I can listen and I love what he does for our community. When he gets a little too silly, I switch him off. But hands down i prefer TJMS to Russ Parr. It is nothing against Russ Parr, but I think his show is a poor fit for MAJIC 102. His type of show belongs on the more hip hop stations because his humor is geared toward a younger generation. I listen to TJMS on 1450, but the reception is not good, so I listen to the app on my drive in and stream it online until 3p.m. when Donnie comes on.
    My vote for 102..bring back TJMS in am and leave Donnie on at 3.

  14. I listened to Russ as a teen in D.C. in the 90’s, but his style doesn’t fit this mature audience. The poor Earth Wind and Fire tribute was it for me. Russ should have stayed on 93.9 and they could have changed the music a little. Lil MO and Quick should have replaced Ricky on 92.3 in the morning. Tom should have never been replaced.

  15. I absolutely loved listening to Tom Joyner’s Morning Show for both the great mix of entertainment and news. Plus I supported his vision of supporting HBCU’s with his platform. How could any sane executive have found a problem with his audience? Russ Parr? Please his audience doesn’t have to make a morning drive to the office…they are in school at that time.
    Donnie should capitalize more on his ability to have great interviews…right now, I don’t believe the format is anything more than him showing up and talking. Not sure if it conveys a vision or has a platform that we can get behind. I listen to him and 96.3…perhaps Donnie should have Wilburn join his team.

  16. Truly miss TJMS!!!! Bring the crew back to FM radio. It is a disgrace to have an iconic broadcast on a AM station with very poor reception.

  17. I haven’t listened to Russ Parr since Oliva Fox left! I couldn’t tell you who was on either station now. I’m WHUR 24/7 ❤


  19. I don’t like Russ Parr on this station in the morning. He was fine with the audience he had at Wkys 93.9 young folks. Tom Joyner had more of an adult audience which is needed with all this disrespectful Rap music and hip hop without any substance (1 hook) as I call it. Donnie Simpson is fine because we need a more adult format on the radio. 40 and 50 year old people listen to the radio also and we like R&B. The young folks have there station and we should have ours.

  20. Russ Parr show is too immature. I didn’t tune in to his show nor do I listen to WKYS. I listen to TJMS through his app every morning and forget all about Donnie in the evening because I’m listening to satellite radio (better options).

  21. Not feeling Russ Parr show. Definitely not mature enough for my ears in the morning. Donnie is cool because he has the best music. Too bad the put the TJMS on the worst AM station in the world as far as reception goes. Hate the fact that I gotta use my app which counts against my monthly usage just to hear TJMS. Bad move 102.3.

  22. The Russ Parr Morning show is Great!!!!! alot of funny stuff and it is definitely informative (sort of). Tom Joyner was very dated and geographical…..who in the heck still says playa playa and it sounded more like a show for southerners. We can all agree Donnie is very dated and sometimes becomes boring but it is reflective in his numbers.

  23. I love Donnie and I am sooo happy that he is back on the radio. I grew up with Donnie and honestly he helped cultivate my love for all types of music! Definitely a great move to bring him back! Russ Parr is a different story. They should have left TJMS in that time slot! Russ’s radio show does not fit the audience on Magic! Best to leave him on a less mature audience like KYS! Definitely need to bring Tom Joyner back!

  24. I actually like some of the political commentary that is done on the Russ Parr show but the show is still juvenile and crude other than that and I can’t listen with my young child in the car. I like the diversity of Donnie’s music choices but the nostalgia is annoying and Timmy and Rick Chill aren’t formidable enough to provide levity when he’s rambling. I actually prefer to listen to Tony, Mo and George’s chatter.

  25. Cathy Hughes, you and the station have made an asinine decision. Bring TJMS back to the FM side. I’m sure politics comes into play with such a bad decision. Russ Parr conversation in the morning does not start the day. I want the conversation of events that TJMS provide. Yes you can listen on line, but what do you do in the car? Come o n Cathy, your a smart woman …. Act like it an bring the TJMS back to FM! It’s embrassing.

  26. I hate the Russ show. Please bring back TJMS! Leaving for 96.3. His show is more for the young crowd. This was done with really no good explaination to the fans. Crappy reception on the AM station.

  27. When I was in my twenties I listened to Russ Parr all of the time but now I can no longer take him, he is still funny and I have nothing against him but Tom Joyner is the man, please bring back his show; 1450 am is a joke. The Russ Parr show is more for 30 and under crowd but Tom Joyner is more mature. Russ Parr is talking about new rap artist like Fetty Wap and Future, like most people even cares who the hell they are.

  28. I have been listening to Tom Joyner since the early 90’s and remember when their show started the national syndication. His show wasn’t always well rounded and had more of the fun banter that Russ Parr offers. I like Russ Parr and like that his show plays more urban and hip hop that is more upbeat and not full of the current music that was played on his previous station. I am willing to give him and his show a chance just like I did for Tom Joyner. I think that the there is room for both. If I want to hear Tom Joyner then I will stream his show.

  29. Wow, I thought I was the only person who felt like this. I love TJMS and I’m not a fan of name dropping Donnie.
    I tune into the TJMS on the app and XM radio on the ride home. Prior to the line-up change I was tuned into 102.3 all day, every day.
    PLEASE BRING the TJMS back to 102.3 or Mr. Joyner come on over to XM.

  30. I am very happy with Russ Part and love the sports segment. Tom Joyner was on the radio when I lived in Florida and I hated it then and hated it whrn they came to DC. As for Donnie Sinpson I dee why WPGC retired him. I can only listen to BBD so much.

  31. Bring back the TJMS please! MAJIC listeners deserve a mature show that educates the public and gives back. Russ Parr does not do that. At first I was glad that Donnie returned, but now his constant name dropping has become annoying. Again I say, bring back the TJMS!

  32. The Quiksilver and lil Moe show on 93.9 kiss FM (DC) is a joke they don’t have the chemistry to even have a morning show or even have a show at all.
    I don’t understand Radio one they keep getting people from Baltimore to cover Washington DC Airwaves doesn’t make any sense.
    Crazy how they of Russ Parr morning show over to 102.3 is crazy they need to be retiring Russ Parr show as well he is too old to be hanging with the youngins.
    The ratings of all three shows will be going down down down down and down

  33. Russ par is absolutely the best thing DC has to offer for the slot. What an executive decision. However I think Tom Joyners time was his time. Tom Joyners show was boring the comedians was fossils it was just his time I’m sorry. U have to be 80 years old to even think tom Joyners show was a great show. His punchlines was terrible old folk humor. But Russ parr have to make more creative vibes to an older crowd. And donny Simpson still has that neutral smooth vibe THAT VIDEO SOUL VIBE.

  34. Russ Parr’s show is not mature and does not meet the information need and civic engagement TomJoyner’s show offered. I have switched to AM to listen to Tom which was such a slight and disrespectful to his years of service to our community! Radio in DC has suffered due to the programming change thank God for my CD’s!

  35. Russ Parr is not for me. His show is too immature with stupid antics. Donnie is ok in the afternoons. I cant get the TJMS on 1450am too much static and i cant get the Baltimore station at all….. But bring back TJMS in the morning.

  36. I was a loyal morning listener to 102.3 until they replaced the TJMS with the Russ Parr show. I cannot stand listening to that show. It is so stupid. The powers that be at 102.3 made a huge mistake taking the TJMS spot for RPMS. I love Donnie Simpson!!!!! Listen to him every afternoon.

  37. First off you can’t compare RP to TJ or.vice verses. They are in tirelessly two different people. RP seem to draw the younger crowd and that’s okay with me. The same with TJ whom seems to draw the more mature crowd. I don’t have a problem with that. My heart was very sad when they released The Frankski Show. I really enjoyed listen to his inspirations portion from time to time. I think it’s enough room for all. Just pick who you want to listen to and enjoy!! 🙂

  38. All Downieville dies is name drop and talk about himself and who he knows. He’s very shallow and non-informative. Who’s Russell Parr. I don’t like any of the morning shows. I guess I’m too mature for them.

  39. Donnie Simpson talk to much we need more music less talk, i use to listen to them all the time now i listen to 96.3 an Russ Parr shoulda stay on 93.9 because this is a grown an sexy station bring back TJ SHOWING PLEASE!!!!

  40. I thought I was the only person that felt this way. All they did by replacing the TJMS with Russ Parr was push me to switch station and start listening to Steve Harvey. I don’t get Russ Parr. He’s too immature for me. I was so disappointed when they moved the TJMS to AM radio. I can barely get an AM signal. Please bring the TJMS back and keep Donnie doing his thing in the evening.

    • You definitely aren’t alone Lawrence! I feel the same way. Tom is on 1450 in my area and I can’t hear a word because of the poor signal when trying to pull in the station!

  41. Please bring Tom Joyner back! Tom kept us abreast as to what’s going on in our community. He discussed topics that are meaningful to us a black citizens: voting rights, education,finances, and civil rights to name a few. With all of the things the black community is contending with, I don’t need to hear stupid @$$ed horoscopes, celebrity gossip, and other tom foolery! I am equally tired of Shirley Strawberry “ke-keeing” and agreeing with everything Steve says. Oh, and in regards to S. Harvey, sick of the ignorant sounding, over exaggerated Southern accent! Oops, almost forgot about Donnie Simpson incessant trips down radio memory lane! He is the Oprah Winfrey of radio! I do have to give DS props for playing good music. My ride to work at 6 in the morning is no longer the same without Tom in the morning!
    I have respect for each man and his hustle but not feeling Russ Parr in the morning, My choice is to listen to the lesser of a few evils. I channel surf between stations so as not to hear either of the DJ’s speak for too long! Never felt that way with Tom!

  42. Moving Tom Joyner to AM was a slap in the face. I like Tom, Russ and Steve Harvey. Tom for the national perspective on African American culture. Russ for the humor and hourly gossip at 20 past each hour. Steve and Tommy’s prank phone calls. Radio One needs to boost up the signal for MAJIC 95.9 in Baltimore or buy another station in DC for Russ Parr. Donnie Simpson is good. Too much Frankie Beverly. Enough of the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis stories. I’d like to hear more of the new music from old school artists.

  43. I was wondering how long it would take for this move to back fire on Cathy Hughes. It’s appalling for Radio One to practically force Tom Joyner out of his spot to make way for Russ Parr and a younger audience. Especially since the music format remained the same. Now most TJMS listeners have fallen off, because they can barely pick up the new AM station. It’s almost as if Radio One set him up for failure to force listeners into embracing Russ Parr. BRING BACK TJMS!!!

  44. Please bring back Tom Joyner and his crew back to 102.3. I refuse to listen to the Russian Parr show. Donnie Simpson talks too much and he only plays old school music and no mixture of newer artists
    It is a major turn off.

  45. Yes. Please bring back the Tom Joyner Morning Show on 102.3 in Washington DC. I steam his show from Miami, FL every morning. Tom Joyner makes my day every day.PLEASE, PLEASE BRING HIM BACK TO 102.3 WMMJ IN WASHINGTON DC.

  46. I DON’T listen to the Russ Parr Morning Show! I don’t tune in until 10:00a.m I truly miss the TJMS! Huge fan and can’t get it on the AM station! They need to bring back Tom Joyner & his crew to Majic 102.3. They kept me laughing, informed, and dancing! Didn’t mind being stuck in traffic… more Friday wobble to let me know indeed it was Friday and if I wasn’t at my desk I was late! That was a horrible decision to move Tom, Jay, & Sybill!

  47. Bring back TJMS. Since TJMS left 102.3 I am now a listener of WHUR in the afternoon. I listen to the TJMS on Tunein Radio Soul 106.3 every morning. So glad I don’t have to hear “The real sound of the DMV”. Never listened to Russ Parr since he has been on 102.3 and never plan to. Get rid of Donnie Simpson… that show is dated.. yuck!!! You have lost a long time and dedicated fan and listener of TJMS amd Majic 102.3.

  48. The biggest problem that I have is that the reception for the AM 1450 radio station is POOR!!! I’m cool with all three (TJMS, Russ Parr and Donnie Simpson), I would just like to have the ability to listen to all of them without streaming.

  49. The biggest problem that I have is that the reception for the AM 1450 radio station is POOR!!! I’m cool with all three (TJMS, Russ Parr and Donnie Simpson), I would just like to have the ability to listen to all of them without streaming.

  50. Russ Parr’s show has been horrible since Olivia Fox left. I call him the thug of Morning Radio trying to sound “hard” and informative. #yawn.?

  51. I loved the Tom Joyner morning show and it is a shame they did him that way and I love Steve Harvey morning show because they are entertaining Russ Par show is not funny and he doesn’t cater to the older crowd
    Donnie Simpson is ok but I would rather have Michael Baisden back on in the afternoon.

  52. Russ and his crew are not for the mature audience. One of the personalities speaks with way too much slang that isn’t interpretable. I listen to Tom on am station but can’t get reception in many areas. Magic surely won’t beat Steve Harvey in ratings with th Russ Parr crew. They leave lots to be desired. Tom teaches, loves, edifiys and much more. What does Russ bring except music for a younger audience?
    Truly disappointed,

  53. The reception is bad on wol1450 am even if you are only 10 miles away. Big let down removing TJ morning show and replacing it with a mediocre at best dribble. TJ morning show is reduced to a 3rd world show. The tower at 1450 am is useful for a little more than a community broadcast.

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