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KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Cathy Hughes’ New Campaign (S)Tragedy? Lawrence Taylor

Radio Facts: Trae could not have picked a worse (or better time, depending on   who you talk to) to come forth with a lawsuit against Radio One which allegedly claims the corporation has made a concerted effort to defame his character as a (black), successful, local, artist.. YIKES… Is this the same corporation that is asking listeners to help them “Save Black Radio?”Does this lawsuit butt heads with Cathy Hughes’ stance and plea to listeners on the Performance Tax issue? As I’ve stated many times in this blog, I don’t believe the listeners are familiar enough with Ms. Hughes to sympathize with her position albeit her heading the huge radio outlet, so this lawsuit could certainly hurt her campaign. The irony is… the public knows Cathy but how well do they KNOW her? In all fairness, she is not alone, many other high-ranking radio execs are in the same position and Cathy is probably BETTER than most at making an effort to let the public see her as a person and not just a business owner.The industry knows who these execs are but what happens when/if they need the public’s support? Had this situation not been about performers, I’m sure Cathy would have (and probably has) approached and enlisted the help of artists to help get her message across…she is indeed savvy… but it is clear that NO artist with the slightest hint of measurable DNA would be willing to tell listeners to help her to help them NOT get paid! High-ranking execs can exist sans self-marketing efforts, which are often viewed as arrogant or narcissistic (remember Andre Harrell?) and it can be disastrous (remember Andre Harrell) but in a case like this, it certainly would have helped aid in her ongoing   request for the support of the listeners. Trae’s claims are pretty hard on Radio One and Trae’s attorney appears to ALSO be savvy. The question is will he connect this situation to Radio One’s national plea to listeners on the Performance Tax issue? I’m going to stop there.Lawrence Taylor has not been well for years. Money doesn’t solve one’s problems it often turns up the volume. Once again, the black community’s outright REFUSAL to face many issues that burden it like mental illness continue to go unnoticed. As it is a field I am working in (outside of the industry) it is beyond sad. We are under the impression that wealth cures everything and wealth and fame provide an excuse or a reason to act up (Katt Williams). Some blacks often laugh at mentally ill people in the black community. You can be famous and mentally ill too. Rape is a pretty serious charge. Given his past, it will be very hard to convince others that LT is indeed innocent.   Any situation is MOST unfortunate when no matter how great a person is, they can’t see it because of unresolved and deeply buried issues from their past.Technological advances amaze me and basic, mediocre sh… bores me.   I’m eternally grateful that I have a plethora of distractions and resources to keep my insatiable creative appetite fulfilled.   Thanks for readingHope all is well in your life.Kev



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